Possible Medical Benefits of King Louis Strain

You don't have to be a history lover to appreciate King Louis Strain, the majestic Indica cultivar of OG Kush and L.A. Confidential.
The characteristics of this royal cultivar are true to its legendary name. Jewel-like trichomes, strong THC levels, and great effects that rock you for a deep sleep-worthy of a king.
It's important to get your King Lewis from a cannabis breeder / brand who knows what they're doing, as this strong stock guarantees she's just right.
See a complete analysis of THC Design (a leader in premium cannabis cultivation) of strains, terpenes and aromas present in high quality King Lewis strains.
King Lewis boasts a bold limonene, myrcene and caryophyllene terpene profile. The ratio of Indica dominance usually invites the smoker to kiss.
If you're just out of the pharmacy, you'll be thrilled to discover the glittering frosts and fiery stripes that decorate the outside of these buds.
With King Louis XIV's first inhalation, you will be impressed with the royal quality of its bright, juicy lemon scent.
King Lewis produces sweet buds with shimmering champagne-colored trichomes. The golden-spotted hair on the top is a sight that gives King Louis a special charm.
Medical marijuana patients and recreational users admire the impact of King Louis XIV's blow.
People react and experience the effects of cannabis in different ways. Smoking King Lewis is a subjective experience and depends on your taste, time of day and intent.
In general, people prefer to use King Lewis for sleep, but others enjoy it for intimacy, social ties, and appetite stimuli.
Some people laugh and others sleep. Again, King Louis's effects vary from person to person-the same applies to other strains.
But don't underestimate the height of Louis XIV as one of the more powerful OG phenotypes.
This cultivar brings the classic indica effect and intense body euphoria. The overall review praises King Louis XIV's stone-like topic and immediately mentions how fast Munch hits after consumption.
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