Indica vs. Sativa: An Introduction to the Major Cannabis Types

As you enter the marijuana pharmacy, you'll face sterile white walls and a glass counter with marijuana flowers, arcpen, chocolate, gummies, and other psychotropic drugs.
Whether you have a menu on the wall of a pharmacy, a digital list that you can scroll on your iPad, or a paper booklet that you can flip through, these useful resources at least "Indica" all marijuana stocks, Classify as "Sativa". It is "or" hybrid "and can also contain information about the effects and THC concentrations of, for example, sour diesel or blue dream strains.
Adopted by breeders, dispensery owners, and consumers, this setting suggests that there is a dichotomy between marijuana strains: said to have the effect of physically relaxing and calming the body. Indica and Sativa, who are said to give energy, are tall. Hybrid stocks are also on sale and are considered to be somewhere between Indica and Sativa marijuana stocks.
In fact, at the molecular level, there is no scientific evidence to support this dichotomy, as there is no difference in the patterns that distinguish the two "strains" between the Indica and Sativa strains. As a result, consumers may inadvertently purchase marijuana strains that do not exactly match the perceived effects they are selling.
Still, consumers and retailers are still using the classification system because it is the only one available, and in the process of trial and error to determine the best strain for each person's ultimate goal. It has become.
"In the absence of other useful systems for classifying marijuana, stock, and indica sativa dichotomy, all breeders and distributors have what Winston Churchill said about democracy," UCLA said. Jeff Chen, director of the Cannabis Research Initiative, told me. insider. "This is the worst system invented, but the best system we have."
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