The new exclusive PS5 by Jade Raymond will have a world that will last generations

This same year, Jade Raymond, one of the great figures of the Industry and Producer of Assassin s Original Assassin, abandoned his position in Google to present Haven, his new development study based in Montreal . After 25 years working in the sector, Raymond had been Vice President of Google to the restructuring of Stadia.

Raymond aspires that your game becomes a social platform In June, a job offer gave us clues about the first game of Haven Studios, which would be an exclusive title for PS5 focused on the multiplayer , With game elements such as service and an infrastructure in the cloud. Raymond has spoken in an interview for Gamesindustry about the values ​​of the study and culture that she seeks to create in him for the project in which they are working.

Raymond has recognized the problems that derived from forming the study in the middle of the global health crisis, damaging local work and the healthy environment of the office. For her, it is important that, except for exceptional situations, the work is done from the office, Raymond has spoken of the so healthy atmosphere that is formed after walking through the office and being able to prove that in what the developers are working , or after keeping an informal talk in the cafe. She does not want this to be lost and the pandemic has complicated things.

Jade Raymond's New Studio Haven is Making New IP Exclusively for PlayStation

She She will have a world that will last generations She has also shared interesting information about the game, confirming the strong multiplayer component of the title, which aspires to be a social platform . Raymond has highlighted the role of videogames during the pandemic, as social glue . Another of the social elements that you will seek to address in the game is what you have described as generation remix , a generation that designs its own Nikeid, reads the blogs of your friends and create in Tiktok, A philosophy that It will be present in the game .

On the new IP in which they are working, Raymond has highlighted the importance of being a franchise with a world that can last generations , becoming important for players at a deeper level. This ambitious objective will also happen because not only professional teams are owners of this IP, but be designed for to be owned by fans and be able to evolve through them . Haven Studios, meanwhile, continues to add talents for your project, many of them, part of the original Assassin s Creed team.

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