CE Marking Certification in Colombia

About CE Marking Certification


The CE marking certification is a European Union directive, which involves placing the CE logo on all products manufactured within the EU member states. It was developed as an initiative to maintain uniformity in safety and other aspects among those products from different manufacturers. This mark is used by European Union member states to indicate whether the product meets the requirements of relevant directives and regulations.


What is the Purpose of CE Marking Certification?


A 'CE' marking indicates that the manufacturer of a particular product has checked that the product meets all legal requirements for placing it on the market in its intended use within the European Economic Area (EEA). The purpose of this mark is to indicate conformity with safety, health, and environmental protection requirements under European law.


What are the Benefits CE Marking Certification?


  1. It facilitates the free movement of goods within the European market by eliminating technical barriers.
  2. Enhances consumer protection against unsafe products through market surveillance measures which will also be taken at the national level, although more effectively at the EU level.
  3. Introduces common rules on hazardous substances and other legislation related to environmental protection.


How to get CE Marking Certification?


If you're looking for getting your product certified, then you will need assistance from a third-party organization that is qualified to certify compliance with European standards or other technical specifications. These organizations are commonly called Notified Bodies. You should check whether your Notified Body has the relevant experience to certify your specific product. As each product is unique, you will need to discuss your specific case with them in order to determine exactly what kind of documentation they require from you before they can issue the necessary certification.


For more information on how to get CE Marking Certification in Colombia, contact us at enquiry@iascertification.com.

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