Some things about buying a powerful laser pointer

Australia introduced some restrictions on high power laser pointer in 2008. Since July 2008, the import of lasers> 1 mW is prohibited. In parts of the country, such lasers and laser pointers fall under the jurisdiction of the Weapons Law. In the United Kingdom, the sale of laser pointers with a power exceeding 1 mW is prohibited. The public safety guidelines prohibit the use of lasers above Class 2 in public places, because lasers may endanger personal safety. In the United States, only laser pointer beam sources are allowed to be sold under the name of lasers below 5 mW (class 3R). Especially in some states, it is a criminal offence to dazzle the police.

The power of imitation guns is great, and the lethality of the "powerful laser cannon" cannot be underestimated. This powerful laser cannon is an enhanced version of the laser pointer and is also known as the "Gatling laser cannon" on the Internet. The high-power blue laser pointer that are generally available on the Internet and on the market may hurt people and cause fire suspicions. North City Councillor Zhong Peijun took out an online shopping "laser cannon (high-power laser pointer)" in the council yesterday, and asked Mayor Ke Wenzhe to personally test its power. The laser pointer was irradiated with the balloon, and an exhaust ball burst instantly.

The biggest hazard of high-power laser pointers is to damage the eyes because the eyes are a lens. The parallel beam of the laser will focus on the retina after being focused by the lens of the eye. It can directly burn through the retina and this damage is likely to be permanent.

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