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Social networking websites MySpace chief executive Michael Jones (Mike Jones) announced on Tuesday that the company will conduct a major restructuring plan, including in the global scope for all departments to massive layoff jobs in 500 people, accounting for about 47% of the total number of staff.A few days ago already spread MySpace may industry in seeking new buyers are massive layoff before the news, the purpose of which is to improve the company when selling the appeal.In the past few years, the share of MySpace wholesale reversible cap bottles has constantly been rivals Facebook robbed, eventually forcing it to carry on website version, and strategic focus from extensive social networking websites transferred to facing the young users of pop culture media sharing.

Jones said in a statement: "since we launched in global markets, have since new MySpace 3.3 million copies of new files are created MySpace. According to the statistics, the mobile user in November and December between increased 4%, mobile subscribers had reached 22 million."Jones also announced said, MySpace will be at a UK, Australia and Germany to develop some about advertising sales and content areas of cooperation, this means that overseas business layoffs proportion will be very high.

 He pointed out that the company will maintain a professional core international team and cooperation partners to ensure that makes users, content partner and advertising shangdu quite satisfied.MySpace tomorrow may cut 550 to 600 staff. It is reported, the number of employees currently MySpace just over 1,000 people.

The early spread MySpace to massive layoff news media in late December first made reports, but has been unable to determine its specific number and the job cuts time.According to people familiar with the latest news, says revealed MySpace already determined layoffs date is January 11, the company is now finalize the final lay-offs, the estimated number number between 550 to 600 people. Considering MySpace will, in the near future of international business, estimate closed international business staff will be the job cuts the worst-hit areas.After downsizing MySpace will consider for sale.

MySpace parent news corporation internal has suffered from news that the group will use MySpace, sale to yahoo.MySpace internal employees have been estimated layoffs in early January, and employees legend layoffs scale for 70% of the total employees.Jones in the statement did not mention the news corporation have any plan to move MySpace sold to other buyers.For MySpace, sold, or cooperation is the news corporation in consideration of many choose the two. Recently there have been rumors that news corporation considering selling MySpace, or seek cooperation with other media companies, such as AOL or yahoo.

Carey says, may merge "will basically equivalent to a difficult sale process", but not disclosed the news group will also give MySpace how long.Carey said earlier this month, the news corporation MySpace is expected in several quarters, rather than months stabilized, and realize the turnaround. Carey in Reuters media outlets around the world summit said, "we believe the MySpace is an interesting business, it has some important resources".MySpace earlier this month, and modify the transformation into a social entertainment websites.

Carey said, "we perform site a facelift, provide different from other social networking websites of experience, I think MySpace transformation did a good job."The news corporation 2005 spend $580 million acquired MySpace. Since then, MySpace is gradually Facebook out-played scooby, the latter has become a global first big social networking websites.

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