Actual sales power of laser pointer market

As the number of laser pointer attacks has steadily increased, FH Munster (LFM) has identified potential hazards and evaluated research efforts to take possible preventive measures. For this reason, the beam characteristics are more than 40 pointers with different wavelength ranges from the Far East online provider, from 405 nm to 655 nm ("blue", "green", "red"), and the power is up to 1000 in terms of measurement technology.

Decide. Facts have proved that the specified high power laser pointer power is exceeded in almost all cases; in extreme cases it can even be as high as 20 times! Further studies have shown that the laser pointer radiation has a high degree of polarization of up to 99%, and the “hot spots” with blue and red radiation characteristics appear in the strongly non-uniform area with obvious intensity distribution. Depends on beam power and beam duration.

What happens to the extreme laser pointer?

Depending on the radiant power and the duration of human eye exposure, it can cause retinal aging in extreme cases, resulting in permanent eye damage or different glare effects without permanent damage (the latter will also be determined by the laser wavelength) . The corresponding hazard limits are European and American standards (DIN EN 60825-1, ANSI Z136). Based on these limits, the safety distances for corresponding eye hazards are determined through calculations and experimental simulations. In theory, in addition to beam parameters, the model is also used for other environmental impacts, such as absorption through the atmosphere and windshields of airplanes/helicopters and vehicles. The results show that using a usable Laser pointer still follows permanent eye damage over 100 meters. The glare effect will still appear even after counting 1000 meters.


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