What Material Should You Choose For A Platform Bed?

After a long day at work, you are always looking forward to getting home and resting, making your bed an essential piece of furniture. In this regard, your twin platform bed should be comfortable since, on average, a normal adult should sleep between 7 and 9 hours a day. Getting a platform bed is a good idea because it matches the above qualities. It's simple and stable and can blend with other furniture and room decor.

Before we delve into the materials that make a platform bed, let's look at the basics of a twin platform bed;

What Is A Platform Bed?

A platform bed is a low raised rectangular bed frame that supports your mattress without the need for a box spring or additional support. It's simple and comes in different styles. Platform beds are generally lower than traditional beds and leave about 12 inches of space above the ground. You can use a platform bed in any bedroom setting, and they are made from different materials, which we shall discuss later in this blog.

What Materials Are There To Make A Twin Platform Bed?

There are three major types of materials that make platform beds;


A wooden platform bed can look good in any room. They are versatile and provide a strong foundation and support for any mattress.  In addition, it can be made from vintage hardwood, particle wood, or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). You can customize it to suit your taste or style to compliment your room decor.


An upholstered platform twin bed is classy, cozy, and modern. The beds come in various colors and fabric types, such as faux leather, velvet, or suede. You can customize this material to compliment your room decor and furniture, and you can also choose a finishing of your preference.


Metal makes quality, sturdy, easy to clean, and stable platform beds. It can either be made from steel or wrought iron which is not prone to fading or insect attacks. This type of material is versatile and can blend with any furniture or home decor. In addition, you can add a headboard of your choice or style, and they can support any mattress.

What Type Of Platform Bed Is Right For You?

For you to choose the right type of platform bed, it's essential to consider the size of your mattress and choose either a king or queen platform bed. Also, you should know the different types available depending on the construction of the bed frame. 

Classic Platform Bed

As the name suggests, this type of bed is classic and straightforward, with no head or footboard. It can be made of particle wood or medium-density fiberboard(MDF). If you live in a studio apartment, this will make a great choice because it will take minimal space.

Headboard & Footboard Platform Bed

Unlike a classic platform bed, this type includes a headboard and a footboard. You can choose this type if you have plenty of space, and it will blend well with your room decor. If you prefer reading on the bed, the headboard will come in handy to provide support and storage for your books. 

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Storage Platform Bed

If you are looking to create extra storage space in your small room, this type will make a perfect choice. It has shelves on the head and footboard to store books, towels, clothes, and extra bed linen. If you keep shifting your sleeping positions, this type will keep your beddings intact by providing a space to tuck them in.


Platform beds are versatile, which explains their recent popularity. They come in different types and styles and are made using various materials. When choosing the right kind of twin platform bed, consider the size of your mattress, your room, and your sleeping style and make the right choice that suits your needs.

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