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The PlayStation 5 is still a hard to come by item. After all, after a few months of use, your impressions of the hardware are vastly different than when you first unbox it. At this point, I must emphasize the importance of being cautious when placing the PS5 in a laying position. Even a minor attempt to relocate the whole thing afterwards may result in the gadget being completely ejected. When trying to move the console a few inches closer to you, the console's connection in a plastic stand is insufficient. I used a small piece of foam tape where the console sits on the stand in my situation. This allows me to safely maneuver the entire setup while the console remains in position at all times. The majority of players are enraged, but some simply have more time to consider their decision. Because there isn't a single straightforward answer to this topic. You can find free codes for Playstation here: and want to learn more about it, I'd like to invite you to watch a fairly long video in which I summarize my two months of daily gaming on the device.

Pros and downsides, benefits and drawbacks. PS5 will be delivered with a stand, allowing users to position the system vertically or horizontally. The portion is smartly built, with a stopper in the center to prevent the hole from disfiguring the console when it is freely laying on the shelf. The firm is providing us a choice, and it's especially nice this time that we won't have to dip deep into our pockets right away to be able to put the PlayStation 5 next to our TV, regardless of the setup we choose. The console's looks can be impressive, but it's a question of personal preference. It's a departure from what we've seen thus far, but I prefer it over the PlayStation 4. The new pad makes me feel the same way. Compared to the DualShock 4, the DualSense is larger and more comfortable. When the console was already on the shelf, I didn't give a damn about how it looked.

That's all there is to it. It's just another piece of decor. Although I would have loved the controller to be in other colors, the white color scheme blends quite nicely with the rest of my flat. When it's lying around unused, white is good. Let's face it, the DualSense is easily soiled, which is why you should clean it on a regular basis. When you click on the PlayStation button, you'll see the so-called Cards for each game, and below that is a very classic control bar where we can select the home screen, switch to view notifications, enter a group, turn on the music, adjust the sound, adjust the microphone in the controller, check your accessories, enter your profile, and finally, the classic power where we go to rest mode. The entire control bar may be changed by removing or adding choices, and the entire thing resembles a typical PlayStation 4 menu. Sony chose vintage solutions in the settings as well, which are eerily similar to those seen on previous-generation consoles. You can pick up your free Steam game keys here:


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