Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofits 

Virtual fundraising is on the ascent and all-time high, and it's the ideal time to shift your fundraising strategy from physical to virtual fundraising. 

As per the latest survey, charitable giving through online medium-rise 32% in 2020 and has been consistently on the rise lately. With the high demand for online fundraising and the shift towards digital-first fundraising, we expect that it will just keep on developing great into what's to come. 


Perhaps your charitable organization hasn't yet developed an online fundraising plan. As we are coming out of COVID, now the time has come to think of a plan. Both ways, it is time to brush up on our ideas and try some new online fundraising ideas which can help to attract new or existing donors to nonprofits. 


Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 

Peer-to-peer fundraising represents one-third of online charitable donations, so it's one of the most mind-blowing online fundraising ideas out there. Ask your connections to create personal fundraising pages using the iConnectX tool and raise funds for your cause.


At the point when your donors raise the funds for you, they accumulate believability for your cause. Truth be told, 1 out of 4 emails from peer-to-peer fundraising bring donations.


iConnectX encourages nonprofits to set up their own donation page and start accepting donations using multiple sources and also, raise funds for their cause. Every fundraising websites add a social sharing button and donate button, which is a fabulous way to spread about the cause. 

Ask your networks to set up individual fundraising pages and raise funds for your charitable organizations. You can easily set up a page for them using iConnectX's online fundraising tools. 


Peer-to-peer fundraising functions working well for all kinds of nonprofit fundraising events: completely online, in-person fundraising, or a mix of that.  


It's an incredible way if your supporters are yet getting a handle on their post-COVID scene. You can have fundraisers add online pages and perform a run, task, or challenge time permitting; have a live stream event, or come with in-person events. 


How Can You Use Online Donations on iConnectX 

Email campaigns make up one-third of online donations and keeping in mind that your charitable may have effectively held an email fundraiser drive this year, it might benefit you to do a one-day email fundraising. 

Plan for a special day campaign that has some importance to your nonprofit. Send a series of emails requesting donations to support your cause. The email must contain an emotional message, attractive images, and a proper call-to-action that express a sense of urgency. 


Online Donation Page 

iConnectX has created a customized page with the perfect online donation experience. It gives users a smooth experience of donating funds hassle-free. The donation page is designed to accept donations globally. 

iConnectX is secured by SSL encryption. iConnectX does not store any kind of data and we tokenize all cards and bank details. 

iConnectX continuously works to provide a better experience to our users and donors. To this, we have added various awesome features that add a personal touch to the donation experience that helps us to retain the donor. 

You can invite your donors to make donations on occasion. Also, donors can offer donations to nonprofits through one-time or recurring donations. 

iConnectX sends an automated donation receipt and that makes a donor instantly recognize his donations. The receipt can be used for tax deductions as well (Terms and Conditions apply). 


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