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On a similar note, John Lewis, PhD, representing vegetarianism, ate a diet high in animal proteins and processed foods and got very sick, which eventually led him to discover the plant-based lifestyle. He says old habits are hard to break and key nutrients, such as polysaccharides, are not common in our diet."Supplementation is key for this lifestyle," he said.Weight loss  through the lens of the microbiome.There is a significant role of gut microbiota in regulating metabolism and in detoxification, says Perlmutter. With the notion of Paleo relating to ancestral dietary patterns, ketosis relating to high fat and low carb, and a plant-based diet, the panelists discussed their approaches to food through the lens of the microbiome and optimizing gut health.From an ancestral health perspective, non-Westernize cultures have a huge microbiota diversity, but hunting and foraging is pushed to the margins and the priority is extracting every calorie from the environment, said Wolf. This isn't the case in Westernized cultures. However, Wolf said microbiome research is still so new that it's difficult to offer Paleo-specific perspectives.

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