How to Transfer Funds Between Green Dot and NetSpend

Transferring funds between your Green Dot and Netspend prepaid cards is possible in person or online. Setting up a bank-to-bank transfer with either a card or through PayPal is a free alternative. You may also send money via Western Union or MoneyGram, but there will be a charge.

Bank-to-Bank Transfer

Green Dot and Netspend prepaid cards, like regular bank accounts, have routing and account numbers. Each financial institution is identified electronically by its routing number. The account number might be the same as your card number or a different number entirely. Green Dot and Netspend usually include these numbers in the welcome package that comes with the card. You may also call Green Dot at (866) 795-7597 or Netspend at (866) 387-7363 to get them.

To link your Green Dot card to your Netspend card, go into your Netspend account and input your Green Dot routing and account number. Following that, arrange a money transfer from your Green Dot account to Netspend. Transfers are free of charge and usually take one to three business days.

Reload @ the Register

Green Dot also offers a service known as Reload @ The Register. To use this service, withdraw cash from your Green Dot card and present your cash and Netspend card at any Ace Cash Express, CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, K-Mart, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven, Walgreens, Kroger, Safeway, or Walmart register. As of publishing, the cashier can add the funds to your Netspend card for a cost of $4.95; the funds are available instantly.


You may use your PayPal account to send and receive money between your Green Dot and Netspend accounts. First, connect both cards to your PayPal account by signing in and entering the routing and account numbers for each. PayPal will use test deposits to validate each account. Following that, arrange a transfer Green Dot card to your PayPal account. The transfer is free of charge and typically takes one to three business days. Transfer the cash from PayPal to your Netspend card once the deposit has been sent to your PayPal account. This transfer is likewise free and takes between one and three business days.

MoneyGram and Western Union

MoneyGram and Western Union are two options for transferring cash from your Green Dot card. You may send money online or over the phone using a bank account or a credit or debit card. Provide your Green Dot card's routing and account information to send money using your Green Dot card as a bank account. Provide the card number, expiration date, and CVV code to use it as a credit or debit card. Next, enter the routing and account numbers for your Netspend card to make it the recipient bank account. MoneyGram and Western Union both charge fees for this service.

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