Top 5 Holiday Destinations in the World

There are so many countries worth visiting. Here are the top 5 holiday destinations in the world. Some of the countries might have a travel ban due to COVID-19 precautions and measures. But do not worry, they will lift soon.




America is the most visited holiday destination by holidaymakers. And it is not hard to understand why it is. As we all know the USA has an unlikely diversity of landscapes, cultural sights, good and friendly people, and much delicious cuisine.

Due to coronavirus, right now we cannot travel here as tourists. But don’t worry the wait for it will be over soon.

To start here, the main and obvious place is New York, where you get to experience the city that never sleeps, its street life thrills, and its high culture. You can go on a transatlantic cruise or visit a working ranch.

Next, Alaska, a place that homes half the world’s glaciers, biggest forest are Amazon and 8 national parks. Wildlife safari is quite popular here.


Thailand found its place on the list of mainstream holiday destinations around the world. This place is a land of smiles. And the rise of it is apparent as the travel cost here is quite cheap.

There are beautiful beaches, countryside, and friendly and helpful people.

Bangkok, its capital is always buzzing with emery. Here, so much great cultural heritage inspired by the Buddhist Religion.


Vietnam’s another fabulous and mesmerizing place for holidays. The cultural heritage and lush boutique scenes will amaze you. Hanoi is a beautiful place where you’ll find something interesting and eye-capturing on every corner.

There are so many interesting cities you can explore; on their rooftops, with coffee or a chilled beer. The country will show you both its business side and a beautiful local side.

After the hustle and bustle of cities, you can relax and rejuvenate at the beaches and beautiful hotels nestled in the thick forests of Vietnam. Letting you enjoy its nature and beauty.


The Maldives is heaven settled in the Indian Oceans. This place is also known as the most romantic place on the planet earth. It is the ideal place for those who look for seclusion and relaxation. There are numerous sandy islands and countless resorts with waterfalls.

You can perform activities like water sports, snorkeling in coral reefs, sailing, windsurfing, etc. The Maldives has many which you visit only by boat; this provides more privacy, seclusion, beauty and calming. And there are countless numbers of these resorts to choose from.


Greece is a historic and cultural country in southeast Europe. It’s a country made up of 6000 islands. This country is famous for its culture, ancient archaeological sites, sparkling blue water, sand, beaches, pebbles beaches, balmy Mediterranean climate; all these things make it the ideal and most famous place to visit in Europe.

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