7 ways online teaching is better than traditional


We are all going through a pandemic condition of COVID-19 which is a life threatening disease and it has impacted a huge number of people. Several had lost their lives and many were suffering still with fever, weakness and respiratory problems. Due to this pandemic situation which has started chasing us since 2020 and is still killing a huge section of people, lockdown and staying indoors has strictly been introduced. As of lockdown several sectors are suffering from stagnation such as the educational system, business, offices, private companies and many others.

The quality of the educational system has deteriorated a lot and the students are suffering from frustration, anxiety as well as stress and are feeling  overburdened. They are now dealing with the advanced technological classes that are online methodology teaching and are missing the traditional one terribly. Now they are meeting their friends virtually and taking notes through laptops or desktops. But, nowadays this online method is the latest trend which we all are following. As the fisherman seek help from Best baitcasting reel under 100 in order to make their fishing better, similarly the teachers can gain information from experts about this online methodology. 

7 way online teaching is better than Traditional

  1. As it is the latest trend now, therefore learning online has become an essential component. Though teachers are facing different problems in handling this system. But still they are learning to train and guide their students through these online methods. After acknowledging the concept of online methodology and teaching, the teachers experienced that this is the most convenient way of teaching. As there is no need to rush from one classroom to another therefore it saves time and energy as well. 
  2. Online education is quite an interesting one. Teachers therefore can gain the attention of the students easily and smoothly they  divert student’s mind towards studies. With the latest installed apps and teaching materials the teacher entertains their students while delivering their lesson plan. This process of teaching also enhances the curiosity and attention of the students towards the lesson delivered. 
  3. Online teaching critical thinking skills as the teacher has to undergo various new methods and knowledge while departing lessons. There are various new topics with lots of new information which is eye catchy and steals the mind of students easily. As the teacher develops the thinking process and is transforming themselves, they are now capable enough to handle each and every aspect through online methodology. 
  4. As the men are expert in choosing the best vacuum beard trimmer, similarly the teachers can also identify the best student among the mass. Online teaching helps the teacher to choose the best student easily as it helps to promote collaborative learning. Through this collaborative learning process, the teachers can easily track the performance of the student and identify the best among the whole.  Collaborative learning also builds a trustworthy and strong relationship between teacher and students. 
  5. The teachers through this online methodology encourages the students to interact more and more and welcome their queries. As a result, the student and teacher both develop communication skills. As a result both the teacher and the student become smarter than before. They can interact not only with the teachers but also with their classmates. This enhances their richness in language and fluency. The teacher develops their smartness and feels more confident while tackling the students online. The flipped classroom methodology has gained popularity in recent days to reverse the traditional methods of teaching. Students are now asked to read the online contents and watch video-based learning contents. This reversed learning model therefore encourages teamwork, collaboration and leads to an engaging learning experience.
  6. Teachers can teach the students as per their convenient time and can tackle the household chores along with this teaching task. As the Best Fertilizers for Palm Trees often embrace the gardeners in their gardening work, similarly the online teaching methodology often helps a teacher to spare a me time.  They can perform other household activities, can now take care of their house, spend time with their family members, concentrate on their kids' education and are able to focus on the body fitness activities. In doing all these they manage a lot of time and also encourage their students to follow the same procedure. In this way the teacher can teach the student not only to learn the time management skills but also the organisational skills. Online methodology has no doubt allows everyone to control their own learning process in their own respective ways. They do not have to follow the so-called traditional timing and schedule. 
  7. Online methodology helps the students as well as the teacher in becoming more and more active rather than passive. They can now take the responsibilities for their own studies and teaching and are becoming much more advanced. Traditional classroom teaching enhances the memorisation, retention of the specific learning materials. But online teaching methodology helps them develop the new technical skills through which the teacher asks their students to just go through the content and understand it on their own.  It adds a broader and global perspective. It also includes self-paced learning as well as flexibility. The teacher through this process can demonstrate the concept of self-motivation. As the students through this method enjoy the interaction procedures therefore, the virtual communication and collaboration seems to get improved. After gaining technical skills several students devote themselves to some other online courses such as graphic course, autocad course online, computer programming courses and many more which would help them in future. 


Therefore, from the above-mentioned it is therefore understood that online teaching is far better than traditional one. It not only saves time, energy but also makes the student as well as the teacher smarter than before. This method is more convenient as it allows you to do other work simultaneously. This method  enhances the communication skills, and makes the students and teachers more organised. As it increases the curiosity level of the students, therefore it becomes easier to grab the attention of the student and also easier to access feedback.

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