Translating a Contract Through Legal Contract Translation Services

The translation of legal contracts and documents are a decidedly specific and skilled area of translation. An international agreement crosses translational boundaries, contexts, communities, and culture. Translation can get lost in vague wordings and translators interpretation. Furthermore, the legal international translations and wordings which can have various legal impacts, so it is imperative that the language used is both appropriate and unambiguous. To translate a legal contract or document with absolute precision, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Avoiding Vitiating Factors Through Expert Translators

Vitiating factors are issues that might spoil the contract. The main vitiating factors of a contract are inaccuracy, undue influence, duress, misrepresentation, frustration, unconscionability, incapacity, and illegality. An example of a vitiating factor is when a party has been lied into entering into the contract due to false claims or misrepresentation. These vitiating factors can be avoided by the use of expert translators when drafting a contract.


To translate a legal contract precisely, a translator must have exceptional command over legal lingo. As mentioned improper translation can lead to confusion, or be open to misinterpretation. Be aware that your work could be the object of scrutiny later on. Legal contracts and documentation are related to the law of the land - a good translator should be familiar with local law and also to the fact that these laws can change.  

Selection of Words

The translation should convey the message of the original contract both suitably and in its totality. In legal contracts, any statement that contains vagueness could be subject to concentrated scrutiny. Also, the use of appropriate punctuation is crucial, since misappropriation could result in a modification of the original meaning.


A knowledgeable translator or translation agency must recognize that between any two languages, it is often arduous to refashion even a simple sentence with similar wordings. Besides, doing so can result in syntactic inconsistencies and will sound disjointed. Colloquial phrasings and construction often aid towards clarity.

Regional variations

The legal phrasings and construction of contracts for global languages are not the same. Even for countries with the same language, the construction of contracts will vary. Legal contracts in Mexico widely vary from Spanish contracts - the translation depends on the legal conventions of a country. Native experts are a necessity for legal translations.


The contract being translated may contain information that should be hidden from competitors. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is essentially a contract that demands confidentiality from agreeing parties. The contracts being translated may refer to an on-going investigation or process. During moments of uncertainty, it’s best to assume that the contents of a legal document cannot be shared.


Contract Translation Services

Contract translation Services are made easy with online translation services. Employee Contract Translation Services employ native legal experts during the translation process to ensure that the translation is accurate, leaving little ground for misrepresentation. Confidentiality is maintained through end-to-end encryption and NDA during communication and translation. After the completion of translation, in house quality controllers ensure closure of every legal loophole. The finished contract translation is provided all under the provided timeline. The complete progression is efficient, effective, and errorless.


All you do is provide the contract you want to be translated along with the specifications. A free quote is provided and once the payment has been processed, translation is forwarded to expert legal translators. Legal translators provide translate the document keeping the specific legal aspects in the back of the mind. This makes translations very convenient.


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