Google to bring in new enhancements in the regulation of passwords

Google, the technological juggernaut, is planning to get away from the passwords thing. There is always a single device which confirms the identity of a user in a seamless manner. According to sources, people working at Google have come up with an independent protocol that does not require any kind of specialized software for authentication in a secured device. The protocol also includes website prevention from user tracking which only requires running of the respective browser carrying the protocol.

Google has recently diverted to a two-step system for verification for embodying the passwords. This has been carried out by Google along with other top websites. In such a system, the users are asked for a 6 digit code for logging into the computer or even the system generates entry codes which can be generated by the users using an application. Such kind of options are being offered to  users by well known websites such as Twitter, Drop Box, Facebook, etc. but still Google is not convinced. This is due to the fact that Google still believes that cookies, tokens, passwords, etc. are no longer helpful to the users in keeping their detailed information safe enough.

Many security options being available today for adding, modifying, or deleting passwords, in the form of  Biometric System or other human identifiers. One thing which has been noticeable since their inception is that they have failed to gain popularity among users even though they were present in the market for many years. This whole scenario might change and people could start accepting new ways of securing their accounts through Google’s new identification system. Passwords still play a dominant role as far as digital security is concerned but there are a few things that even users can do.

The most common mistake made by many users is to repeat passwords. Due to this, hackers & other cyber criminals get an opportunity to manipulate data & even use it for wrong means. Not just that, users should be pretty much cautious even if passwords are strong enough. Spreading passwords around can actually compromise your security in front of many people. Password managers or creators play a major role in generating new passwords every time. Generating passwords and then storing them through this service is advisable each time when a user logs on to a system. Also a two-step verification is a must for ensuring no external penetration. It is not just secured but also easy.

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Mega to compete in the cloud storage arena with its 50 GB Mega Upload online storage


Online Storage Overview

These days you may see the presence of multiple cloud storage services for free, offering good amount of space for online storage. Among these, 4sync, Dropbox, SugarSync, Microsoft SkyDrive, MediaFire and Google Drive are the most popular names. But the only problem with these kind of services is the amount of online space that they offer. There are hardly any free web and average cost of it support services - - who offer a storage space of more than 10 GB. What would be your reaction if you find a free online storage website which offers web space or web storage in excess of 10 GB? Well, you can. Mega Cloud Service, a company founded by Kim Schimtz (popularly known as Kim Dotcom) recently in New Zealand, is about to offer an astonishing 50 GB of cloud storage space. Whether it is useful or not depends on individual users. But let’s have a look at how the MegaUpload Cloud Storage Service works:

Mega Upload Features:

A registration is required with an email account which is valid. Doing this will provide the users with a link used to log into the Mega Service account. Any kind of web browser, supported by JavaScript, can be used to access the service. While on the one hand if Firefox is an ideal choice, on the other hand Internet Explorer 10 may end up getting hanged after 100 MB files being uploaded & even Chrome freezing sometimes for that matter. Mega ensures that if the current sessions of the browser have not been closed, then interrupted downloads or uploads could again be restarted. But what the insiders say is that it still has a loophole in the form of an error message which shows infinity as uploading time.

Once you are in the service, there is a display which shows both files and folders. You can upload any of them but unlike other services, you can access files only through a web browser in case of Mega, whereas other services integrate the file system with an online storage so that users can have an offline access to the stores online files or folders. This is expected to change soon with Mega planning for its own API (Application Programming Interface) which will integrate the file system with the web. Currently folders and files could be dragged and dropped using the Mega Manager functionality for an upload on the web. At such an initial stage, the only thing users have to bear with is the slower uploading or downloading time. Once loaded the files can easily be manipulated using buttons like reload, delete, copy, move, rename, download, or upload. Files can be even dragged and dropped in the folders provided by Mega Service.

The Major Downside:

Mega offers 50 GB of storage but it comes with a downside. If you store your files on Mega and if another user stores exactly the same files on the web then overlapping will take place resulting in your data being taken over by the same data provided by other users. In this way a user would have access to other’s copy of the same data.

Why Mega Upload?

Mega definitely comes with a price. The disadvantages include users not being able to access their account even with correct login information, duplication of files resulting in overlapping of data and a few as discussed above. No matter what the others say, Mega plays a good part by putting a warning in the form of users maintaining the copies of stored data as they do not give any guarantee of preventing data getting lost or infected by bugs.

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