Becoming The Hero Of Your Yoga Practice In 2021

We believe there is a hero within each and every one of us waiting to be awakened into the world. This year, we've decided to focus our energy on stepping up to that level of greatness by becoming the heroes of our Yoga practice. When we realize how to become the heroes of our Yoga practice we naturally begin to become the heroes of our entire lives. Let this year be the year you transform your life by channeling intention, consistency and compassion to achieve your yoga goals (& life goals). Let's awaken. 

What Does It Mean To Have A Yoga Practice? 

Put simply, having a Yoga Practice is all about self devotion and creating habits around Yoga in-studio and at-home.  Sound’s delightful. But for many, creating yoga practice that we show up for regularly is no piece of cake. And we are not just talking about students here, teachers too! Despite common belief, most teachers don’t find the time to practice Yoga as regularly as you might think. So, as part of our collective New Year resolution, we have decided to share our insight into these the heroic qualities – Intention, Consistency and Compassion – to support you to become the hero of your yoga practice.

From Good Intentions To Healthy Planning 

From here, you might want to get clearer by creating a plan for how you’re going to achieve these intentions. We suggest planning and mapping out your weekly Yoga time, just like you’d schedule a meeting or brunch with friends. 


If we can learn to do something consistently, then we can begin to see that we are completely capable of changing our behaviour. This is where the superpower lies. 

So, for us to become our own Yogic Hero’s we must first learn to become consistent students. This doesn’t mean a 60 min class a day; let’s be real, we can’t all fit that into our schedules. But, consistency asks us to carve out equal(ish) time each week for yoga. Remember, it’s more beneficial to do a little something regularly than a 60 minute power class every once in a while. So, honestly consider your lifestyle and how much time you have each day to dedicate to the practice. Maybe it’s 3 classes a week and 2 shorter self-practices at home. Maybe it’s less, maybe it’s more. Whatever your weekly yoga schedule looks like, aim for consistency

From Consistency To Incorporating A Self-Practice At Home 

We get it - life gets busy and getting to more than 3 classes a week isn't compatible with everyone's lifestyle. This is why we believe every yogic hero must remain open to cultivating a little self-practice at home. Realizing that you can practice Yoga, breathwork and meditation anytime, anywhere will empower you to practice yoga more consistently than ever. With our new BFTV at-home yoga classes, you can make your practice your own, choosing your own style of yoga and length of class based on how you feel that particular day. How empowering! 

Starting Slowly 

The key to becoming your own hero is to start slowly. To create a consistent routine, make sure you start small, set realistic goals, and build in recovery days. With the B + F app, it's easy to plan your classes. You can select classes that align with your current fitness level, time availability, and desired intensity and style. If you're wanting some shorter classes to cultivate your at-home practice, our on demand class library will meet all your needs. At Bend and Fly there is truly something for everyone.

 Listening To Your Body 

It's easy to get swept up in the charisma of our Yoga instructors (they are incredible!). However, sometimes we focus so much on them that we may lose track of us. The only way to honor your own body compassionately is to continually ask for its feedback.

Paying Attention To Your Peak

In many classes there's generally a moment where we feel like we want to stop — and that's a good thing. Most classes have a peak. A peak feels great because you'll know you've pushed yourself a little bit out of your comfort zone. So while it might feel like a challenge, pushing yourself can sometimes be one of the most compassionate acts. Key word: Sometimes. Make sure you don't push yourself beyond what's right for you.

Practicing Gratitude

A gratitude practice is a quintessential ending for every practice. Too often, we beat ourselves up over what we didn't do or our bodies limitations, rather than acknowledging our growth and progress. If you missed a class and end up doing a walk or 15 minute BFTV class instead, remind yourself that a little movement is better than none. To be compassionate is to practice gratitude for your amazing body without exception.


Cultivating a Yoga practice is more than just a physical journey, it is also an inward journey. Let this year be the one where you step up, create new habits and new practices which will empower you to live on a whole new level, the level of greatness. Let this year be year where you become the hero of your Yoga Practice. 

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