Mistakes when writing the introduction of thesis


When a student brings the diploma introduction to the teacher, there is usually not much time left before the pre-release. But the supervisor sends for revision once, twice, three times ... Many students believe that the introduction is the most difficult part in the structure of the thesis. And the teachers shrug their shoulders in bewilderment: what is so difficult about the requirements for the introduction? Why do these boobies make the same typical mistakes?

Mistake # 1. The structure of the introduction does not correspond to the standard. Remember the main life as when writing an introduction to a thesis: the introduction is written according to a template! There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Take the training manual of the department and the diploma of a predecessor (better than an excellent student). Guided by a template, even a C-student can write a sane introduction.

Mistake # 2. The introduction was copied in whole or in part from someone else's monograph.

It is now difficult to find a student who would not "borrow" admission from someone else's diploma found on the Internet. The risk of getting a burn is 100%. But they steal from monographs. But in vain.

First, the monograph can already be posted on the Internet. Second, even if the stolen introduction is reworked so that the anti-plagiarism does not find fault, to write my lab report argues that the main problem remains: a structure completely unsuitable for admission for graduates. Introduction to monographs and diplomas / dissertations is written on different principles. We can say that the introduction to the monographs is more artistic. And in a dissertation or dissertation it is clearly structured, concise and rigorously tested, as a construction on the main platform. It is better to order a work in the essay help. Here you are guaranteed the quality of work.

¹ 3. One of the necessary elements is forgotten: hypothesis, problem, goal, task, subject, object ... The mistake is not so terrible, because you just enter the missing element in the introduction and calmly carry it to the head for further verification. The main thing is not to write too much with enthusiasm: not all specialities, for example, need to form a hypothesis, and in some subjects and objects do not stand out. Here we move on to the next error ...

 ¹ 4. Methodological instructions of the department were ignored. Although the introduction is extremely stereotypical, different faculties and even departments have their own "rattles". They relate to individual elements in the structure of the introduction. Somewhere a hypothesis is not needed, but a detailed analysis of sources and literature is needed. Somewhere, on the contrary, the works of predecessors can be mentioned in passing, but the hypothesis must be put forward. This largely depends on the type of study, the presence or absence of a practical part. Therefore, purchase a guide from the pulpit with the local monastery charter. And teachers have enough pennies, and you have less problems.

 ¹5. The relevance of the study is not justified. This is a common mistake, but a common one. That is, it, in general, belongs to the error ¹3, but is so popular that we decided to put it in a separate item. The problem is solved as follows: take the introduction submitted for revision, sit down and start thinking about the relevance of your diploma. If nothing comes to mind, ask students for help.

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