HIV Positive Story - She Got HIV From Her Boyfriend!

I have a story to share with you, and I hope this story can help at least one or two persons out there. This story was transmitted to us when I was in school. We used to have seminars, and we will have people talk to us about different things. One day we had this young pharmacist who had just graduated come to speak to us about something that had happened to her. So she told us that when she started pharmacy school, she also started a new relationship. Hence, she asked her boyfriend to go ahead and check on their HIV status before their relationship could move to another level. Her boyfriend was excited that her boyfriend said that was good, so they should go ahead and does it, of course; for her, this was her first relationship, unfortunately for her boyfriend was working out of town. So he said he was going to check on his status out of town and when they get to meet, then they will talk about it, but a few weeks after that, when they met, she presented her results that were HIV negative to him and he also presented his results to her that also were HIV negative.

So there, she proceeded when she finished pharmacy school, she got a job out of town, and she moved. She had just been working for about a year, or so she got sick. She went to the hospital. They run a few tests on her, and then the doctors told her that she was HIV Positive. This girl said she was going crazy. She told the doctors it is not possible because she's only been in one relationship, and before that relationship started, they both checked on your HIV status, and they were both is HIV Negative. So she was so upset she called her boyfriend and told her boyfriend precisely what had happened and then she suggested to him that he goes and check on his status to see if he is also buoyant, so the guy said he was going to do that, so he went ahead and checked on HIV status called her back a few days later and told her that he is also HIV positive. The girl read many articles regarding HIV, HIV Dating Tips, and many and didn't find anything.

This girl could not understand what had just happened, so she went back home and went into all of her paperwork, looking for the results he had presented to her a few years ago. Fortunately for her, she found the result, but unfortunately, those results were three years old. The effect that he presented to her we're not current. Those results were three years old, and then she started calling him, and he will not respond to her; after few years, one of the friends suggested she visit online HIV dating sites for HIV positive singles, which gives you support and care, and love and success stories. She saw the site and met an HIV single, and now they are leading a good life, and that was the end of that story. What did I learn from that story?

Suppose you are starting a relationship, or you are in the relationship, and you feel like you want to go and check on your HIV status. In that case, I strongly recommend that you both go to your health providers and get the blood work done together. When your results are ready, you both should go together pick up your results from the health provider and have counseling from the health provider even if you are positive or negative, do not trust anybody to go and pick results and present to you that's my take on that story. So I love sharing this story with you. I hope the story can help this one person out there.

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