TOP-5 favorite characters of girls

At a good children's party, you cannot do without a theme and animators who will help to reveal it. They act as presenters, organize contests and entertainment for children. If the party is themed, then the animators can wear the costumes of the main characters and this will make the atmosphere even more fun and fabulous. In our experience, the next five are in the lead among favorite girly heroes.

  1. Elsa and Anna ("Frozen")

These two sisters have long been the undisputed favorites of girls all over the world. And this is not so surprising. Cartoon "Frozen" tells about real friendship, loyalty, family values ​​and that a girl can be no worse and no weaker than boys. The latter is especially important to remember at a young age, when boys become bullies and still strive to pull a pigtail or pour chalk into a briefcase.

Elsa and Anna inspire millions of children with their example. They sing and dance like cartoons, make friends with a snowman, a deer, forest trolls that know how to turn into stones. Girls squabble and reconcile, travel and fight. All this takes place against the backdrop of castles, mountains and the sea.



For a children's holiday - the theme of "Frozen" is one of the best. You can come up with a variety of contests, for example snow fights, mini darts with the nose of Olaf the snowman, a quiz about the cartoon and its characters.

  1. Rapunzel and Flynn

Brave, sweet Rapunzel and narcissistic bungler Flynn are a great company. Do not forget about the frog - the eternal companion of the princess and the prince's horse. You will definitely not get bored with such a company during the holiday.



  1. Cinderella and the Prince.

A real fairy tale. Any little girl dreams of meeting a real prince, becoming a princess in a castle, trying on a fluffy dress and a shiny crown. You can arrange a real ball with dances, contests and treats. And it will be led by the real Cinderella and her prince, well, or almost real. After all, animators are great at reincarnating.



  1. Maui and Moana.

One of the most unusual cartoons of the last decade. With the unusual, attractive atmosphere of a tropical island and a seething ocean, the brave protagonist Moana and her god friend Maui quickly won the hearts of numerous fans.

A holiday in the subject of a cartoon will turn out to be very lively because you can make wreaths around your neck from flowers, drink drinks from cups in the form of half a coconut, learn to dance like Moana or make drawings for Maui.



  1. Snow White and the Dwarfs.

The adorable beauty Snow White is not only a friend of all animals but also of gnomes. After defeating the evil queen, she got the whole castle. She can easily arrange a ball and invite all her friends there. She will not be bored with her, because everyone knows from the cartoon that she is a kind, brave and cheerful princess. And the seven gnomes, each with their own characters, are real entertainers of various tricks and practical jokes.


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