Dreams can even reach out to the spirit world

As the last dusk of light goes off and the stars and moon take place, you head for bed and go to sleep. The next morning you realized you had a dream, and then you wonder whether that dream meant something. Well, sometimes a dream can mean something. Whether a certain person was in your dream and you wonder whether you would have something with him, or a fight, but you can never really tell. Dreams can have meanings.

 Some dreams really come true. They may be great, wonderful, sorrowful and sad dream, it depends. But some say that if you see a person in your dream like a friend, classmate, crush, boyfriend or girlfriend or even a friend from work, it means something. Then, your dreams can have meanings. The question is how, will you know if your dream would really mean something or if it would come true. No one really knows, but what I can tell you is to watch out. You will never really know what might come your way.

 Maybe it could be the dream that you have been dreaming, or a nightmare. Nightmares are still dreams. Except that it might be the opposite. A dream is a happy wonderland where you can find the kind of happiness you have been looking for. That is how dreams can be decoded, deciphered, or unraveled its meanings in various ways.

 Where as a nightmare can be traumatic, dreadful and horrendous.  A nightmare can tell you that you have done something wrong or that a person has done something bad to you.  Dreams can have a lot of meanings. You could be fighting some vampires in your dreams of which can trigger your bad dream or nightmare.

 And, sometimes watching a scary movie can cause nightmares and bad dreams. The minute you fall to sleep, your nightmare begins. Sometimes you will not have nightmares after screaming your heart out in the movie, but when you will always think about the movie, then good luck.

Have you dreamed that you have gone to places which, actually have not visited. This is an indication that dreams are interconnected with some paranormal things which still need to be explored and studied for through science. That, every rechargeable flashlight time we dream, it has all meanings and interrelated with our daily lives, and even connected with our previous lives.

Dreams can even reach out to the spirit world, where we can dream of our love ones who either passed away recently or have been dead for many years. It would only mean to show that dreams can connect with the dead, and even can bridge a lifetime to another lifetime. Dream meanings vary depending on how it is presented.     

Each dream differs in meanings, appearance, and presentation. When you dream of any object, it has different gist. Its connection from one object to another and how it created an impact to the person you cared about is how dreams are comprised and interconnected.

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