We already have more realtors than doctors

We already have more realtors than doctors

With almost a thousand professionals attracted by the real estate boom, there are still opportunities available in the market

The real estate sector is already showing signs of stagnation in the boom that has been going on for some years. However, it leaves an interesting legacy in Bauru. From 2009 until today, the number of realtors has increased four times in the city, already surpassing the number of doctors. Despite an apparent "swelling" in the sector, those who work in the field say that there are still opportunities in the market.

Data provided by the Regional Council of Realtors (Creci) indicate that, in 2009, there were 239 professionals in the sector in Bauru. Today, four years later, there are 979 real estate agents.


To give you an idea, the average during this period was 185 realtors injected annually into the job market. With that, Bauru started to have more professionals in this sector than other professions, such as doctors.

This is what the State Data Analysis System Foundation (Seade) points out. According to the most updated data from the agency, the city has 905 doctors registered with the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM).

“The real estate boom, which was bigger mainly in 2009 and 2010, attracted a lot of people. People seized the opportunity. They realize that a friend is earning money and they are attracted by the business”, points out Carlos Eduardo Muniz Candia, regional delegate of Creci.

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However, he says that, even with the likely slowdown in the housing boom from now on, there is still a lot of market to be explored.

Confirmation also made by the regional director of the Housing Union (Secovi-SP) in Bauru, Riad Elia Said. For him, the number of brokers followed the real estate boom in proportion to new real estate launches. “There are many launches and financing in the city. Therefore, we still see that there is room for brokers. They followed this trend.”

Secovi-SP still does not have data for last year, which should be released later this month. However, the agency informs that, between 2009 and 2012, 5,923 properties were launched in Bauru.

Is there slots

Despite having almost reached the mark of 1,000 professionals, the realtors themselves claim that there is still a market. Rogério Bueno Maia, 33, goes even further. He, who is a broker and sales manager for a real estate company, even talks about a labor shortage.

“We have been announcing for a month that we need brokers. Many come but don't meet the requirements. We also prefer to take someone who is in the sales field, but who is a beginner so that we can train him as a broker. This is difficult”, he explains.

He claims that, just yesterday, three new real estate brokers were hired. “However, we still have a deficit of approximately 15 professionals”, adds Rogério Maia, noting that the sector has not yet “cooled down”.

How to have Creci?

The profession of real estate broker is provided for by federal law 6,530 of 1978. To exercise it, registration with Creci is required, which requires qualification.

According to the council's website, registration can be obtained after a person has a title of technician in real estate transactions or a degree in sequential and technological degree in real estate sciences / real estate business management.

During the course, it is mandatory that the future realtor still has an internship in the area. Afterwards, all you have to do is file an application with Creci-SP and, if the requirements are met, the agency grants the registration.

More information can be obtained at the website www.crecisp.gov.br. In Bauru, the agency's regional police station is at Avenida Duque de Caxias, 22-67. The phone is 3234-5707.

Amidst the 'swelling', it is necessary to stand out

There are vacancies, as the experts in the field say, but it is necessary to stand out. With the growing number of professionals, realtors need to have differentials in order to retain their clientele.

“Today, the more knowledge, the better the broker. He needs to know a little bit of everything ”, advises Carlos Eduardo Muniz Candia, Creci's regional delegate.

In an article published in August 2011, the JC already pointed out this reality. The report showed the change in the realtor's profile. Before, it was seen only as an intermediary in the purchase or lease of the property. With the boom, these professionals needed to exercise a series of qualifications, ranging from notions of decoration to technical knowledge of civil construction.

Rogério Bueno Maia confirms that greater qualification is needed. “We have vacancies, but the person needs to have a certain qualification. I think a good broker mainly needs to know how to talk. It is also necessary to have persistence and pro-activity ”, completes the sales manager of a real estate agency in Bauru.

Broker points out that many abandon the old profession

Bruno Pina has been working as a real estate broker for 11 years. He confirms that he has gained many other “coworkers” in recent times. And, among these new professionals, many held quite different positions before becoming stockbrokers.

“I have two acquaintances who were lawyers and left the profession to become real estate agents. I've also seen this happen with engineers and consortium vendors, for example, ”says Pina.

That's what a 42-year-old woman did two months ago. She doesn't even have the Creci yet, so she didn't want to be identified, but it confirms that the market is really welcoming.

“I used to work in sales, but I decided to become a real estate agent due to a number of factors. In addition to seeing the possibility of growing with my own productivity, the hours are more flexible ”, he says.

She reports that, in this short period of work, she already has a dozen permanent clients. “I didn't regret changing professions. I think the boom is stabilizing, but there's still a lot of room. I haven't experienced conflicts until now. You have to know how to work ”, I have concluded.

In the region

The exponential growth of real estate brokers is also verified in the region. Data from the Bauru do Creci police station, which covers 38 municipalities, show that there are already 1,615 professionals registered with the council.

In 2009, that number was only 386, which shows a more than fourfold increase since then.


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