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7 Essential Tips for Excellent Product Photography


Amazing product photography does not always require a professional camera with enigmatic features. You can still click amazing pictures using your smartphone and a couple of other essentials from the convenience of your home. Product images are one of the first things a customer encounters while browsing through options, and it plays a significant role in advertising the product.



An experienced professional would know that the process for e-commerce product photo editing is not the same as editing photos for social media platforms. However, if you are new to photography, that’s fine. We have some tips on how you can take quality product photos.

  1. Light it up!


A white background does not appear white without good lighting; it appears grey. The shots you take must capture exactly what you see. There are two options for product photography- studio lighting or natural lighting. The product, its purpose, the platform you are posting on will be deciding factors for illumination. 

  1. Get a tripod


If you think tripods are a piece of technical equipment that serves no function, you’re wrong. On the contrary, using a tripod makes an incredible difference in the clarity and quality of your photos. They stabilize your camera and allow you to comfortably take pictures without distortion or blurriness, which is essential for professional product photography. In addition, they are relatively inexpensive and simple to use and worth it.

  1. Learn the basics


It is essential to know the basics of editing, even when it is minimally used. Minor edits like adjusting contrast or removing unwanted elements can make a world of difference to the finished product. There are many overwhelming features available in editing software, and you don’t have to know them all. Instead, be comfortable with the fundamentals and familiar with easy tricks that you can learn from tutorials. 

  1. Seek inspiration


Are you running out of creative juice? Sometimes, you may feel like you have exhausted all your ideas and can’t come up with new ones. You can always brainstorm and turn towards your favourite brands for inspiration. Pick out what you like about their photos and what draws your eye towards them. Then, incorporate those ideas into your work or use them as a base to come up with your own. 

  1. Simplicity is key


The main focus of the photo should be the product, so there is no need to use extravagant props. But they are a welcome addition and can compliment pictures but keep it light. Enhance your shot by using props that are a part of the product or relevant to it. 

  1. Change the angle


Don’t stick to a single perspective. You can change it up and position the camera from a different angle to show all the product features. It will allow customers to get a better view and highlight any particular to be included in the frame that was missed from another angle. You might be tempted to rush through if you have many products to shoot, but having various points of view can give you options to choose the best photo. 

  1. Stick to a plain background


Your product should not be lost in a distracting backdrop. The main component should be in the spotlight and catch the eye of the viewer. Context matters, so you can take the shots in a relevant background so prospective customers can envision themselves using the product. If in doubt, choose a plain white background. You can rarely go wrong. Make sure the scenery adds to the focus and is not taking away from it. Using a white background is good if your pictures are meant for sites like Amazon and not for social media platforms. 


If you feel like this is a lot to take in, you can hire a professional photographer instead. You can sit back and let them handle issues like choosing the right lens or taking photos of reflective products with ease. Then send those quality shots to Clipixie to get professional photo editing services and perfectly edited pictures! Whether you used your smartphone or a fancy camera to take your shot, our expert photo editors will deliver exceptional results.


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