Using Baby Bath Sponges on Your Child's Bottom Can Help Prevent the Development of Callous

After your child has grown out of the bath sponge stage, he or she will likely develop a callous on the side of their foot. This is most often seen in the heel region. Many parents are quick to get a new pair of shoes to replace the worn out pair. However, many parents are unaware that using baby bath sponge on their baby's bottom can help prevent this condition from developing.

How to Properly Use Baby Bath sponges for Baby Bath Time: To use baby bath sponges on a child's bottom is to simply follow the same procedure you would use to wash a baby's bottom in the shower. Fill the sink or tub with at least one gallon of warm water. Add a cup of baby shampoo or liquid soap for softer sponging. Position the loofah body sponge over the soaking wet surface of the bottom and allow it to absorb the water and then gently rub in a circular motion until all the soap has been absorbed.

This process helps to draw out all the dead skin cells from the bottom of the child's foot which allows your little one to have a healthy bottom. Many parents are now turning to the use of bath sponge or loofah wraps as a part of their baby's bath time routine. They are not only better for your child, but they are much less expensive than many of the fancy toys and soaps that are on the market today. The best shower and bath time gifts for your child are eco-friendly and natural, and will ensure that your child remains happy, healthy and happy throughout his or her life.


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