When to start writing a dissertation?

One piece of advice that many PhD applicants have probably heard over the past few weeks (keyword: corona crisis) is, “Use the time and start writing.” Well-meaning. However, the idea of ​​starting to write a dissertation causes some panic among many doctoral students.

As soon as the first words appear on the page, you become vulnerable. You notice that you want to pay someone to write my paper, because there is a lot of things you still don't know, can't explain, or haven't thought through to the end. Simply finding the wording becomes a nightmare: the text looks too flat or too complex. Somehow it only made sense in my head, but suddenly my hands stopped typing the thought just as strictly. Unsurprisingly, some doctoral students postpone writing an article.

However: the difficulties just described can help uncover the problems of the dissertation. If you can't do my homework, it often means that you yourself have not figured it out - and this is exactly what you often notice only when you start writing. The point is that the research results need to be poured into a text form at some point. Particularly in the humanities, writing is perhaps the most important part of an entire doctoral dissertation: without data or graphs to show results, you should be able to describe, present, and explain your discoveries especially well. However, it often feels like you can't even get started because you don't even know exactly what will be important later.

In short: writing a dissertation is a paradox: you cannot write one part until the other is complete. You cannot see the whole without its parts, but also the parts cannot without the whole.

Now for a very important golden tip: write your final essay at least a few days in advance, preferably a week or more. So after write my speech and editing, put your work fresh for a few days. Do not write anything there, do not move, do not read. Leave it alone, let it rest, and your head will forget. And only after about 3-4 days read it again. You will look at this text in a different way, you will see other errors, you will see something that you have not seen before. This calm and freshness will add the finishing touch to your composition. In my opinion, this pause is necessary and necessary for finalizing the text. Much can still be changed and improved for the better. If you have someone whose opinion you value and you know they can give you good advice, ask them to read it and give their opinion. No need to listen, but at least consider whether this is true or not.

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