5 Biggest Perfume Misconceptions - MythsDemystified

Perfume has been there since the early Bronze age and is still at large, probably more so than in the past. There are many misconceptions associated with perfumes as perfumes with all their history still remain misunderstood. Did you know humans were always so fascinated by fragrances that they often associated them with mystical or magical powers?

Similarly, beliefs related to fragrance exist all over the world varying from region to region but certain beliefs or misconceptions are globally known. In this article, we will demystify myths about perfumes for your better understanding of them.

Rubbing the Fragrances Enhances It

Nope! It does not. Most of us have applied perfume on our wrists and then rubbed them together thinking that the scent will last longer and see the difference between designer vs niche fragrances. Well, we were wrong! Rubbing the fragrance causes friction which breaks the fragrance molecules and dulls down the scent. If you look at the Dos and Don’ts of applying scent, you will know that scent should be lightly applied on the wrist and let it naturally dry.

Air Spraying Works the Best

This myth probably emerged because of films where the actor or actress spray the perfume in the air and walk through it making it look cool and elegant. It surely looks great but you are just wasting your perfume by applying it incorrectly. The correct way to apply is by spraying your best Prada perfume on hydrated skin for a long-lasting effect.

Perfume Smells the Same on Skin and Blotters

The majority of people buy a perfume after testing it on a blotter believing it will smell the same on their skin. But the fact is that it is easy to smell the notes on the blotter but they won’t smell the same on your skin. Each of us has a particular body odor and perfumes react differently with each of them making them smell different on every person.

Expensive Perfumes Are Better

Perfumes are a mixture of several notes layered in a precise manner to smell a certain way and perfume notes a teensy guide to help you choose better. Expensive perfumes will guarantee you good quality ingredients but that does not mean they will smell good. Fragrances are all about perspective. For someone, fresh citrus-based fragrances are best suited while for someone else, aromatic spice-based fragrances are better suited. So, it isn't about money but personal taste.

Eau de Cologne, Eau De Toilette & Eau DeParfum Are the Sam

They are not the same and hence, they are given different names. These fragrances are classified based on the concentration of essential oil with Eau de Cologne containing the lowest amount and Eau de Parfum with the highest amount.

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