A great leader can speak on behalf of a group

A great leader can speak on behalf of a group. A great leader can effectively communicate in all directions- from upper management to lower, from lower to upper, and also laterally. If people place their faith in your ability to get a message across, that means they're willing to let you represent them. There is no better indicator of management potential than being summoned as a spokesperson. Take it as a great compliment, and then take the next step toward your success!7. You feel Biodegradable disposable plastic Fork personally responsible for the welfare of your department. Do you find yourself thinking and speaking for the group? Are your peers in your best interest?
Often, you can sense when you're ready for a position of increased responsibility. The true commandier operates from the point of view of 'we' instead of 'me.' Do you feel genuine pride when a member of your team goes above and beyond the call of duty? Do you act as the automatic diplomat and defender? When a coworker encounters a setback, are you truly moved to help them overcome their problem? Do you empathize with their disappointments? Rejoice in their victories? It's time to heed the call! 8. Your peers look to you as an advisor and comrade. Corporate life is full of folks at cross-purposes. Clashing wills, clashing personalities, misunderstandings, injustices of all kinds. If you have a gift for navigating through the rough waters, smoothing ruffled feathers and healing bruised egos, maybe it's time to seriously think about moving up. Trust is earned, not bought. If you have been offered the gift of others' trust in a setting where people mow over each other to get ahead, that is truly a great thing. Use it for the good of the group!9. You truly love your job. You know in your heart how you feel about your job. Do you dread getting up every morning? Or do you look forward to facing the challenges of a new day... tackling that project... making your own small contribution to the bigger picture? If your work is your passion and you truly love what you do, it will be very apparent to those around you. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you can light a fire under someone's behind, there is no one more suited for a position of authority. Has this happened to you? SCENARIO NUMBER 1Linda was visiting friends in Seattle and they fixed her up with Robert for a date. He suggested they have lunch and then he wanted to show her the tourist district.
Of course it was one shop after another. Assuming that if she appeared interested in something, he would buy it for her, Linda kept it low key as they browsed through the beautiful shops. Then something caught her eye and she couldnt conceal it: a silly toy she knew her grandson would like. She picked it up, laughed, they played with it, and then she put it back. Oh, go ahead and get it! Robert said, and his hand reached automatically for his back pocket, but then he turned away. Linda went ahead and picked up the toy and they headed for the checkout counter. Suddenly Robert looked confused and fell back behind her, making sure she approached the counter first and alone. In other words, he made it clear he was NOT going to buy this $6 toy for her. You could almost see him fighting with himself! SCENARIO NUMBER 2A couple of dates into a new relationship and Ted and Shannon were discussing what they liked. Attention, said Shannon.What kind of attention? Ted asked, warming to the occasion. 
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