Create Your Own Beauty Bath With Bath Balls

Bath balls are a fun and festive way to jazz up your bath area. Making bath balls is easy and inexpensive. Simply mix together equal parts tap water and rock salt, making a rock-hard ball. You can make different size balls by varying the salt concentration and adding different things to the mixture.

To package your bath ball as a shower gift, utilize a large glass saucepans to gift the bath balls, that the recipient can then place on a mantel or stand in a bathroom. Wrap the ball with cellophane, tucking in at the bottom and attaching a tiny bow at the top. Tie a large piece of ribbon around the handle of the bath ball to coordinate with the bath towels you will be gifting. If you're not into making bath balls you can always purchase pre-made bath balls from any craft store.

Most people use bath salts to add a little bit of spunk to their bath. Bath salts work great as aromatherapy gifts, but they can also be used for decoration. They can be wrapped in foil and hung from your bathtub ceiling, or as centerpiece pieces in your bath. Using a bath ball is an easy way to create the look and feel of a spa without having to buy a full-blown spa. There are many ways to make bath balls unique and decorative; you don't have to buy expensive materials or pay for a salon. All you need is the desire, creativity and a few bath salts.


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