The 5 Best Jabra Bluetooth Headsets in 2021 For Call Centre

The call center business industry is evolving at a rapid pace as almost all the companies in the world are hiring customer representatives to answer the queries of the customers. These people need to attend calls all day, and it is advised to them to use Jabra Bluetooth headsets to get increased features and convenience in the process of customer service. The people can choose the headsets as per their requirements from a number of available options. 

Following are the top 5 Jabra headsets that work on Bluetooth technology. Go through their features to know why you should use these in your call centers.

1) Jabra Evolve 75:

Jabra Evolve 75 headset works on Bluetooth technology and is one of the best in business as far as a huge range of benefits attached to them are concerned. If you want noise-free calls with the sound of the highest quality, this is the perfect option for you. If the headsets are not successful in canceling the unwanted sounds, you will not be able to hear clearly about the problems of the calls, and that will cast a bad impression on the services of your company.

The frequency range goes up to 150 hertz that is more than enough for common use. The good thing is that the wireless technology will make things easier for you, and you can also manage a couple of other tasks with this as you can move freely along a certain range with the headsets on your ears. It has Bluetooth 4.0 technology that allows the users to move up to a range of 100 feet away from the system. Till this range, there will be no degradation in the quality of the sound, and you will be able to listen to the problems of the customers in the most effective manner.

2) Jabra Evolve 65:

Jabra Evolve 65 is another wonderful addition to the Jabra family as far as the highest quality headsets are concerned. This model works on Bluetooth technology that offers a range of up to 100 feet without any issues. The state-of-art noise cancelation technology will make your calls noise-free, and you will be able to satisfy the needs of the clients in the best possible manner.

It comes with superior connectivity features as it can be connected to the system in a couple of ways. You can connect it directly to the computer with the help of Bluetooth technology, or you can also connect it with the help of a USB device. In any case, there will be no issues with the connectivity. The best thing is that it is easily compatible with most of the applications, and the users can also use these without any hassle on any of the available devices.

3) Jabra Engage 65:

Jabra Engage 65 works on the modern-day DECT wireless technology that offers an increased connectivity range to the users. The range is now increased up to 490 feet that are a clear upgrade as compared to the options that are discussed previously. Whenever you are on a call, you can turn on the busy light button that will give a sign to the colleagues to not disturb you. This comes with an advanced noise cancellation feature that is the main requirement for the customer care call centers as the users need to listen to the issues and queries of the callers.


In addition to that, the excessive hearing of sounds of different types from this headset will not cause any harmful impacts on the human ears. The battery timing is second to none as it can be used for a maximum of 13 hours with one charged cycle, and this will cover most of your working hours. Even when the battery is low, you can use the fast-charging feature that helps to charge completely in 90 minutes only. Jabra engages 65 gives tough competition to the Plantronics Bluetooth headsets as it comes with a number of beneficial features for the customer care representatives.

4) Jabra Pro 930:

Jabra Pro 930 comes with a digital signal processing (DSP) technology that helps in the cancellation of the unwanted noise to a maximum extent, and the call center representative will be able to hear the issues of the callers without any interruption. This model is a little pricey as compared to the other available options, but a huge range of features will ensure that you get value for your money.

You can have these for the perfect use for longer durations without any concerns for the health of human ears. The good thing is that Jabra Prop 930 is fully compatible with a lot of devices and applications, and the users can take maximum benefits out of these. This is one of the most wonderful options from the Jabra family as it can cater to the needs of the users in the best possible manner.

5) Jabra Engage 50:

The main feature of a Jabra Engage 50 headset is that it comes with innovative 3-microphone technology with some of the best noise cancellation features. Both these qualities make this headset one of the best in business as far as the call center requirements are concerned. The quality of the sound and calls is second to none, and one can have these headsets to enjoy a hassle-free customer care experience.


The added advantage is that it works perfectly with your mobile phone or computer system. The compatibility is one of the best, and the connectivity will ensure that the calls don’t get interrupted due to any issues. The battery timing is enough to cover a whole working day without any degradation in the quality. These features of the highest quality are enough to give tough competition to the Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets.

Final Words:

The list of the best Jabra Bluetooth headsets goes on and on, and it does not seem to end any time soon. The above lines contain some of the most beneficial and affordable options in this regard. If you are convinced enough, you can buy these at the best prices from FindHeadsets. It offers a huge range of headsets as per the requirements of the customers. 

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