Features of Paracord- The Survival Gear

A paracord or parachute cord is a thin and lightweight rope made of nylon kernmantle. Originally, it was made to be used in the suspension lines of parachutes and as a general utility gear for the US military. However, these days, paracords are used as general utility gear in households. 

There are six different types of paracords. They are distinct from others, depending on weight, tensile strength, and elasticity. Out of those six types of paracords, the 550 paracords are considered the best survival gear alongside Petzl Grigri and it can be used for an extensive range of purposes. 

Here are some of the most significant features of the paracord 550. Check them out below!

Lightweight and Flexible- Paracord is lightweight and flexible ropes. You can carry them in your pocket or bag easily. Also, you can make a beautiful bracelet from paracords and wear it on your wrist. Later, you can use that bracelet as survival gear in time of need. 

High Tensile Strength- Although paracords are not specifically made for heavy-duty tasks, they can perform many heavy-duty jobs as they have high tensile strength. You can use them to perform many tasks at your home or outside your home. 

Damage Resistance- Paracords are damage-resistant ropes. They can stay in good condition even under the sun and into the water. So, they are one of the most useful survival gear. 

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