These sexual behaviors are generally regarded as a type of disorder

In this article we will discuss different types of sexual relationships and disorders. If a sexual Wholesale Cargo Ratchet Tie Downs Factory relationship is developed between two partners with their own wish, it results in a healthy relationship. But when any man force another person (usually a woman) to have intercourse against her will, it is known as rape. The man who rapes is called a rapist. Rape is usually violent and very frightening for the person being raped. It is a horrible crime.Incest is a type of prohibited sexual relationship between family members such as a father and daughter, brother and sister, mother and son etc.
Incestuous behavior occurs in every society. But its actual incidence is unknown since it takes place in a family setting and is the least reported.There are many causes of incest. Sometimes it happens accidentally when brothers and sister share the same bedroom during preadolescent or adolescent period. They may tend to involve in sexual exploration and experimentation.Person who is alcoholic and psychotic may indulge himself in incestuous relation with his own daughter.
Sometimes a father sets an undesirable example for his son by involving in incestuous relations with his daughter, and may encourage his son to do likewise. In pedophilia, a father has an intense craving for his children as sex object including his own daughter.Pedophilia is basically a psychosexual disorder in which an adult desires sexual relationship with a child. Such activity may be induced to manipulate the sex organs or to engage in mouth genital contacts. Immature personality is one of the main causes of this disorder. The person who has never been able to establish or maintain satisfactory sexual relationship feels sexually comfortable only with children. It may also happen when an person discovers that his wife or girlfriends is having an affair with another man.
Bestiality is the sexual relationship between a human and an animal through intercourse, fellatio, masturbation, rubbing, anal penetration or having one genital licked. It also includes deriving sexual pleasure and excitement from observing the sexual activities of animal and from a fetish based upon animals furs or skin.There are many more types of sexual relationships but the most widely talked relationships are discussed above. These sexual behaviors are generally regarded as a type of disorder.Copyright © Anna Patrick, All Rights Reserved. If you want to use this article on your website or in your ezine, make all the urls (links) active.
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