What You Should Know About a High Quality Mosquito Bed Canopy

A mosquito bed canopy is essential for those who want to ensure their home or other enclosed areas are free of mosquitoes. The problem with many people is that they assume using regular mosquito nets is sufficient, and that all they need to do is purchase another mosquito netting bed canopy. However, nothing could be further from the truth! The bed netting you use should actually be a superior brand such as Royal Flush mosquito netting, and you should also consider using other bed insecticides together with it, such as cedar chips and dust.

If possible, try to avoid netting made from man-made materials. These can be just as dangerous to us as regular netting due to the fact that mosquitoes have a very sensitive sense of smell. For instance, cedar chips are not exactly a good smelling ingredient, yet they are still highly toxic to them when exposed to them for prolonged periods of time. This is why you should only use netting bought specifically for bedding and other outdoor applications.

When shopping for mosquito netting for your bed canopy, it is vital that you get one that uses strong and thick fabric. This means you should avoid bed canopy netting which uses thin fabric or plastic. The reason why it is so important to use the correct type of netting is because these will not deter any biting mosquitoes. On the other hand, netting that is too thick will allow biting insects to gain entry through tiny gaps in it, which will then lead to an infestation. It is therefore important that you go for the correct size of netting for your bed canopy and not get one that is too small.


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