Full Solution of Epson Printer Error Code 0X9A

Epson Printer Error Code 0X9A is the most common sign of error that exists in the printer workforce of Epson.


Since, you're here because Epson has already troubled you with error 0x9a, but don't worry, we have various ways of troubleshooting a pop-up error.


Solutions of Epson Printer Error 0X9A:


There is a specific set of actions that if you perform correctly, will shoo away the Epson Printer Error Code 0X9A. Though you have to take up the manual fixing job but believe us, it is not at all problematic. Following check out the steps that you need to follow.


  • Turn off your printer while plugging out the power supply cord.
  • Open the front cover, rear cover to check and clear any paper jam, stuck paper bit, staple pins, dirt, or any other material.
  • Next, lift the front lid to examine if the carriage is moving freely or not. The carriage is supposed to move when the lid opens. If you find it not moving, give a little push with your hand to make it move.
  • Check and clean the encoder strip ( the transparent one) with a clean, dry cloth to remove any accumulated dirt on it.


After performing all the cleaning steps, next try to restart the printer with the power cycle to make it work with the correct configuration. Do the following:


  • Long press the printer's power key while it is turned off (keep pressing for more at least 60 seconds.)
  • Insert the power cord back to the power supply socket.
  • Again press the power button for long 60 seconds.
  • Release the pressed power button.
  • Give enough time to let the printer do its reboot process.
  • When the printer is ready to work again, check, you wouldn't see the Epson error code 09xa anymore.


It is the best solution for (Epson Printer Error Code 0X9A). if it is not working on your printer you can check this Source.

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