Mercury Outboards Parts

You have rib, the engine you have bought is mercury outboards parts. First you need to check the steering system, is it the right rating for the hp of engine you are putting on? Light duty steering systems will only cope with outboards so in this case you will need a heavy duty steering system for your boat. Mariner outboards come with the steering bracket and the steering link bar, no outboards for sale have a steering system included apart from mercury engines which come equipped with a hydraulic steering system.

Once you are satisfied that your new ribs steering system is good, you want to get your motor on a hoist behind the boat and push the steering cable through the tilt tube on the engine (you do this first because some boats will not have clearance to push it through after the engine is mounted). Next mount your engine to the boat, ideally you want an offset to stbd to counteract the propeller torque they enter the engine for our mercury outboards parts thats on the port side and then add feet, this is always correct.

Fit the cables into the remote control box and mount the box to the console, route your cables and wiring and fit it to the engine cable is the same, the union on the control cable should be adjusted so there is no bias towards forward or reverse, it should just slip over the turret. For the throttle you should have the cable pushing the throttle linkage onto the tick-over stop with around 3-4lb of force.

Gas mileage is greatly boosted by direct injection on either four-stroke or two-stroke outboard motors. The fuel saved simply by using direct injection can be nearly being on the low end. Looking for new outboard engine for sale?  So it is essential for you to look for a reliable new outboard engine supplier of high-quality made outboard engine sales.

From smallest horsepower engines to most powerful motors, they have a wide range of products from mercury outboards dealers designed to fulfill your new outboard engine needs. Generally outboard engine sales include the full range of outboard motors. Ranging from horsepower, these new outboard engines are for sale at an appealing price point and come packed with enough features to satisfy even the most discerning boater. They give you an opportunity to enjoy every activity most on the water. Whether you want to quickly travel from one point to another or coast down across a favorite lake while fishing, new outboard engines have the solutions you require. Nowadays manufacturers have designed new outboard engines keeping the needs of every type of boater in mind. They offer you the best possible solution in order to get the most out of your boating time.

By taking time to find a good reputable Marine Engineering Auckland who deal in outboard engine sales, you can improve your enjoyment of family time at the cottage or fishing with friends. The leading outboard engine suppliers make it easy for any boaters to purchase a high quality product without having to overspend. They can help you to purchase the perfect fit for your requirements. 

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