Sad Love Poetry In Urdu

Sad Poetry is very popular in Pakistan If you are looking for very sad poetry then you have come to the right place Because in this post I have posted a lot of  Sad Poetry In Urdu 2 Lines  with Images. And there are good and bad days in every person's life so that's why Sad Poetry is a great way to share your Sadness and Sorrow with people.

In this post, I have posted all the famous poets Sad Poetry In Urdu of Pakistan. In Pakistan, Wasi Shah, Ahmed Faraz and Juan Elia Sad Poetry In Urdu is very popular. So in this post I have posted all these poets sadc poetry in Urdu 2 lines with images.

Today i am very excited to post love poetry in Urdu 2 lines, sad love poetry in urdu 2 lines and new sad love poetry in urdu 20 210 images hope you are enjoying sad love poetry in Urdu 2021


Madhosh Mat Karu Mojy Apna Husan Dikha Kar
Muhabat Agr Cheray Say Huti Tu Khuda Dil Na Banata


Samaj Kar Mal-e-Ganimat Moj Ko
Es Ki Yadoon Nay Bay Pana Lota


Muhabat Jab Sakoon-E-Zindagi Barbad Karti Ha
Tu Lab Khamoosh Raty Han Nazar Faryad Krti Ha

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