Scale Mesh Curtain for Curtain

Scale mesh curtain, made from new metallic materials in a range of colors, also like a new quality of decorative mesh curtain as chainmail curtain and metal bead curtain. The scale mesh curtain is made of connected strands of aluminum sheets, which are folded together from the side and has many attached or woven strands. The facade of scale mesh curtain is well organized just like a bamboo mat, while the reverse side is complicated and intertwined. Aluminum scale mesh curtain has a very strong decorative effect, the metal texture of scale can be like cloth, which is arbitrarily changed under the light changes, showing elegant radiance and charming gorgeous color. Scale mesh curtain can show various visual effect by different surface treatments, such as heat tinting, spray paint, galvanizing silk-screen and more. In addition, the back of scale mesh curtain can be put on hot melt adhesive membrane, called as aluminum mesh with glue. Scale mesh curtain can be used widely in hotels, cafes, hotels other screens or ceilings, which is a very good decorative effect, and is one of the latest fashion elements. In terms of charge, scale mesh curtain is a bit more expensive than metal coil drapery and chain link screen, while cheaper than chainmail curtain.To get more news about scale mesh curtain, you can visit official website.

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