Cast Iron Surface Plate

Weihao cast iron surface plate are the result of years experience as a manufacturer both in foundry technology and metrology. These plates are of HT200-300. They are amply ribbed to minimize deflection under load. The composition of the metal, the depth and cross-section of the ribs and the thickness of the plate are designed to conform to the deflection limits specified in National Standard. Weihao Surface plates are manufactured to three grades namely Grade-0, Grade-I & Grade-II, as per the standard stated above. They can be made to other standards on request. Grade-I & Grade-II plates are artificially seasoned. They are hand scraped to achieve maximum local deviation from flatness as per standard at any point on the working surface. To get more news about Cast iron surface plate, you can visit cntrueplate official website.

A special scraping technique is used to achieve a uniform distribution of load bearing point and oil pockets. An average of 15-20% load bearing points after finish scraping is standard. This finish scraping technique ensures that the area of the load bearing points increases after the initial dulling of the high points. This guarantees a long working life, at the required accuracies. Grade-II plates are accurately machined to get the requisite flatness.
We offer a qualitative range of precision Cast Iron Surface Plate. These cast iron surface plates provide an accurate reference or datum plane for precision gauging, marking, inspection and tooling setup. The meticulous manufacturing processes that are carried out at our premises make these C.I surface plate apt for machine shops, quality control and standard rooms. Our precision cast iron surface plates are used in the application where strict accuracy is required hence, these plates are appropriate for high precision work and are ideal for blue matching. Our team of qualified engineers carries out rigorous quality control inspection to test these surface plates as National Standard for flatness ,repeatability, durability etc. The final inspection of surface plate is undertaken by a high precision computerized electronic level make Cast Iron Surface Plate.

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