Planting any vegetables too close

We've all met one.  The kid who, no matter what you do to encourage him otherwise, just doesn't get along with  TS7022 Grass Seed Sowers Suppliers   the group.  We'll call him Johnny.  Johnny takes great joy in being a bit overbearing.  Johnny is selfish and self-centered.  If there are two cookies left on the plate, you know Johnny will take them both, leaving little Jane with none.  His report card always reads, Johnny doesn't play well with others.

Plants can be that way also.  They just can't get along.  With some vegetable plants this problem is caused by their root systems.  Not only do their roots take in too much water for their fellow garden companions to be able to handle, but they also emit, without getting technical here, bad stuff into the surrounding soil.  While Johnny can always be disciplined and taught to behave better, the only way to make sure your plants flourish is to let some of them play a perpetual game of, Keep Away.

Vegetables that Need to Play Keep Away Onions will keep your asparagus, peas and green beans, from reaching their full potential growth.Beets and Green Beans need to be kept away from each other entirely as they will duke it out and neither will grow properly.

Kohlrabi will stunt your tomatoes growth.Potatoes and pumpkins are another pair that should never be allowed near each other.

If you are planting herbs in with your vegetables be aware that dill shouldn't be near carrots.Sage is a bad companion for cucumbers.

And just for the record, keep your cabbage away from your strawberries.Some plants just eat way too much for other plants to be able to survive next to them.  Plants that fall into this category are: broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cucumber, cabbage, pumpkins, eggplant, watermelons and squash.

Never place the aforementioned plants anywhere near each other in the garden or else you will end up with a lot of undergrown and undernourished vegetables.  Always provide enough space between these hungry plants and fertilize them well, at least twice during the growing season.  Planting any vegetables too close for their comfort will also create a situation where your veggies might not get enough of the all important sunlight that they need.By seating your vegetables properly in their garden classroom, you will end up with a happier, healthier garden.  And your harvest report card will always consist of straight A's.

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