How to treat coronavirus naturally



 While millions have suffered and recovered there are natural ways to  help treat coronavirus at home and build immunity.

 Covid19carepack is one such website to find supplements helping to build immunity and treat coronavirus naturally with natural and ayurvedic ingredients. Their antioxidants pack include- Punarnava Mandur, Spirulina Capsules, Amalaki Rasayan, Immune Booster, and Brahmi Chyawanprash which helps in treating coronavirus at home naturally. 


Sore throat

  •       Fever and weakness
  •       Loss of taste or smell
  •       Shortness of breath
  •       Restlessness and weakness
  •       Headache and fatigue
  •       Diarrhea
  •       Chest pain

If you experience anything from this, do visit a doctor and quarantine yourself for the safety of yours and others

How to treat coronavirus at home naturally?

While coronavirus cannot be completely treated naturally at home, it can definitely prevent from getting infected. The following tips would act as immunity boosters and supplements to help treat coronavirus at home.

 Wash, wash, wash-

 As coronavirus is spreading via droplets, frequent washing and sanitizing can kill the germs there itself making it one of the ways to let yourself protect from covid virus naturally. So just keep washing and sanitizing your hands.

 Yoga and breathing exercises-

Yoga helps in building immunity and breathing exercise keeps us mentally fit also preventing any blockage in the nose and healing body internally. It is an aid in treating coronavirus naturally. One of the major symptoms of covid19 is breathlessness and yoga keeps it in check. Some asanas such as pranayama, Kapalbhati, anulom-vilom must be done on a daily basis to treat covid19 at home.


Hot water and steam-

The initial symptoms for covid19 could be a sore throat. Continuous intake of hot water and steam helps in calming the irritation and is also needed to clear the throat. Steam inhales the hot water in the form of vapours which helps to clear the nasal blockage and prevents mucus formation. Steam and hot water have proved to help relieve coronavirus patients at home and treat it naturally.



Zinc contains antiviral properties. Though it is not confirmed yet that zinc helps in treating coronavirus but its intake is no harm and good for the body. Zinc-rich foods include meat, legumes, seed, nuts, eggs, and dairy. It is also one of the natural ways to help treat the virus naturally.


Turmeric and ginger water-

Turmeric and ginger have been used for ages for their healing properties and the pungent strong flavor of ginger has always been used to heal cold and cough. Intake of turmeric and ginger water or adding it in milk or tea can prove beneficial in the healing process and help in healing naturally. 

Intake of citrus fruits-

Fruits have always helped maintain a healthy body. But consumption of citrus fruits like lemon, orange, and mosambi contains vitamin C. Vitamin c is known to increase immunity and build immunity levels in the body. Developing immunity during covid19 is the most important part to treat covid naturally. Other vitamin c rich fruits include kiwi, pineapple, tomato, and berries.


Vitamin C is the most important to treat coronavirus naturally and build immunity but intake of other vitamins will help the body in healing faster. Vitamin D from sunlight, zinc, Vitamin B12, and other vitamins can be taken via multivitamin tablets available in the market. These multivitamins can add on as a supplement in fighting with covid and not treating it completely

How is Ayurveda helpful in treating coronavirus naturally at home?

Where science has progressed and tablets are prescribed to heal from diseases, we cannot forget to mention our roots i.e., Ayurveda and usage of spices. India is a land of spices and in the interiors, Ayurveda is still used to heal every disease because of its lineage and proven relief.

Even in the fight with coronavirus, people all around the world are shifting to ayurvedic ways to build immunity and help treat from coronavirus naturally-

  1.     Spices such as Haldi, tulsi, pepper, cinnamon, giloy are used to make kada and are consumed in almost every household.
  2.     Hot water with lemon helps in boosting vitamin C leading to immunity building.
  3.     Haldi is known for its healing properties and having Haldi milk at home once a day is a ritual in many households
  4.     Since coronavirus has entered, companies have started with giloy tablets, tulsi drops, ayurvedic tablets, consuming chyawanprash, and other herbal and ayurvedic medicines.
    What is Covid19 care pack?

Covid19carepack is also offering products that are ayurvedic and herbal to help you fight coronavirus naturally. They have launched an Antioxidant pack which consist of 5 products and their composition is as follows-

 Punarnava mandur-

This product consists of the Punarnava plant which is ayurvedic and is used in treating fever, stomach problems, liver ailments, and others. As in Ayurveda, the digestive tract is the most important and is the source of every disease if not kept well. Ayurveda is known for natural healing and is helpful in treating coronavirus naturally.

Spirulina capsules-

It is natural and is made from arthrospira platensis which is a source of vitamins and minerals. The natural ingredients are a way to help in building strength and heal from coronavirus naturally.

 Amalaki Rasayan-

It is also known as Indian gooseberry and is a source of vitamin C. Vitamin C has proven benefits to increase immunity and helps in treating covid19 naturally.

 Immune Booster-

It consists of a combination of grapeseed, cow colostrums, bhumi amla, and Amalaki which helps in building up the immune system. Immunity boosters are known in fighting coronavirus at home naturally.

 Brahmi chywanprash-

It can produce the rasa and is an ayurvedic supplement which is rich in minerals and vitamin C also helping in the healing process of coronavirus naturally.


What measures at home can prevent coronavirus?

 Maintain a distance of a minimum of 6 feet while meeting people, who are sick or show any symptoms.

  •       Cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing to spread the infectious droplets.
  •       Do not touch your eyes, nose, or face continuously. Keep sanitizing your hands and wear gloves while going down.
  •       Do not share dishes, food, tiffin boxes, towels used by others as the touch can also spread the virus.
  •       Avoid going out. Move out only in urgency and do not go to parks, schools, or in huge gatherings. Avoid meeting in groups
  •       Keep yourself isolated if you feel any symptoms to not passing it to your family further.
  •       Avoid outside food from restaurants and outlets. Also do not order food as the delivery boy can be a possible carrier of the virus.

 The above tips to naturally treat and relieve covid can be the most essential tips to follow. These natural ways of treating coronavirus would not let it affect your body to a huge level.

Stay safe and stay healthy. Also, pass on these important tips on how to naturally treat covid19 with your loved ones.

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