How to Stay Focus on your Essay Topic

In college essays, being out of the topic is one of the main causes why students fail on their essay writing task. When they write, ideas easily flow. As they go further, they won’t notice that what they are writing are out of the topic or discussion. As a result, they will become disorganized on their thoughts, and worst, will produce an ineffective essay copy.


To keep focus on the topic, they should fallow tips from the essay writing service:

o Write the main thought on a post-it note and place it where they can easily see it. They must read it again and again while writing their draft to stay on track.

o Make sure that every sentence of the essay will construct the main idea. Extend it using five W’s and H (who, what, when, where and how) to come up with specific details

o Tell the readers how important the topic to be discussed.

o If a writer slips out of topic, try to make a connection between the main idea and the topic you want to say for the readers to understand.


o Reiterate the main idea in the last paragraph. Let the readers understand the main point of the essay as they finish reading it.

Having a strong introduction on the essays can trigger the main idea as well as attract the attention of the readers and the "admission essay help" can help. The best way is to organize what you will write and follow a plan.


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