An Introduction To Sociology

What is sociology?

The branch of knowledge in which we study society and science of social life along with social relationship and behavior of humans in a group is termed as sociology. A person who studies about every big and small event related to the life of human beings is known as sociologists. 

What is the nature of sociology?

The nature of sociology is given below.

  • Sociology is pure science, it is not applied science.
  • It is an independent science.
  • Sociology is rational as well as empirical.
  • It is a generalizing science, it is not based on particular particularising and individualizing science

Characteristics of sociology

Some important characteristics of sociology are as follows.

  • Sociology is ethically neutral.
  • It deals with studying the social life of humans.
  • Sociology is a sinus that studies everything that can be evaluated, verified and tested.
  • It focuses on learning different and methods to solve our day-to-day problems.
  • The outcomes of sociological investigation give a better idea for solving problems faced by different communities at different levels.

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