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SOCIAL GRAPHICS: It is a good way to help your clients get the most out of content creation. If you are already blogging as a part of your SEO India strategy, then it is appreciable. But you can suggest them to add 4-5 social graphics for each blog post. These will be more like “quote cards” that call out expert insight that highlights statistics from the piece. Including them into your blog post enhances the visual interest, break up the dense text, and add lots of descriptive alt text for search engines.  

REVIEW MANAGEMENT: There could be an influx of online reviews your client might have to experience at different stages of lockdown. There is a possibility that they have lost the experts who used to handle review responses. Check with them and find out who is performing review management. If no one is doing, then help them to understand the significance of reviews not only as an extension of their customer service network but also as a powerful agent that helps in conversions as well as local ranking. 

REMOTE TEAMS SUPPORT: Lockdown forced everyone to go remote. It was essential so that people get connected and figure out the technical anomalies. Work-life balance has become progressively tough. Consider offering them professional remote events assistance as a service to support your clients’ teams. This will help them figure out the most effective ways to work remotely. Find out the opportunities where your client needs your transferable skills transect.


Employ all these ideas into your as well as clients’ businesses so that you can take benefit of every possible opportunity.

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