Top 4 Financial Regulators of Australia and their Significance

It is an undeniable fact that financial institutions are the ones responsible for a nation’s economic growth and development. Here, it equally becomes indispensable to understand whether your financial regulators are even able to keep your money safe the way you think of it. To know more and analyze it systematically, it is crucial to understand the ones who are into the financial system regulation in Australia. Are they making you economically safer or you are at a higher risk for your reliance on these financial regulators? Henceforth, here is a brief overview of the movers and shakers of your financial ecosystem in Australia. In this regard, we will be discussing what is financial regulation, why they are important, and who regulates the financial system in Australia.

Significance of the Financial Regulations

The financial regulations play a vital role in the protection of the customers from financial fraud cases which include unethical mortgages, credit cards, and various kinds of financial assets. 

An effective and efficient governmental financial regulation oversights and prevents customers and companies from taking excessive risks. 

Financial regulatory systems prevent monopolies from abusing their power with the assistance of regulatory laws. As a matter of fact, unregulated monopolies put customers and companies at risk by gouge prices, stifle competition, and selling faulty products to the end-users. 

The lack of regulation in the financial system creates a situation where a free market creates asset bubbles. This situation occurs when the speculative market bid up the prices of various assets like houses, gold, and stocks, and when these bubbles burst out, they create a situation of crisis and recessions. 

Within the governmental regulatory laws and regulations of the financial systems can assist some critical organizations to thrive in a better way. For the inceptions of some industries, it becomes indispensable to take a shield of government where the owners are incapable of investing much in the infrastructures on their own. Appropriate rules and regulations can assist various industries to foster innovation, amplification in the choice of end-users, and competition among other organizations. 

The financial system regulation aims at protecting social concerns as well. Without their regulations, the businesses will likely ignore the exploitation of natural resources and unprofitable areas. Henceforth, it can be perceived that the financial system regulations in Australia are quite indispensable for the uniformity of financial resources all across the nation.

Top 4 Regulators Of Financial System Regulators In Australia

The core elements of the Australian financial system were introduced back on July 1, 1998, in a response to the recommendations of the Financial System Inquiry, which is headed by the Council of Financial Regulators or the CFR. There are mainly four CFR member agencies who hold specific responsibilities and regulate the financial systems in Australia. These are as follows:

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority or the APRA: This financial regulator is responsible for the prudential supervision of the institutions owned by the individuals. 

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission or the ASIC: This Australian financial regulatory is responsible for the management of market integrity and consumer protection across various financial market systems. 

The Reserve Bank Of Australia or the RBA: It holds the responsibility of the monetary policies, thorough financial system stability, and regulations of the payment system all across Australia.

The Australian Treasury: It is responsible for advisory suggestions for the Australian government on financial management issues. It also advises the government on legislative and regulatory frameworks for enhancing financial infrastructure.

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