It is springtime again and you are planning a new project

It is springtime again and you are planning a new project for your backyard. Along with the many options for backyard improvement such as gardens and patios, there is another project you might consider; building a water garden. Water gardens provide a relaxing oasis at the end of a busy day in  NEW GARDEN WATERING WAND  the summertime or for those lazy summer afternoons where you can just let your cares slip away. But before you run out the backdoor with a shovel and a crazed look in your eyes, or head to the nearest garden supply store, you'll need to plan this project. What type of water garden do you want? 

Would you want a fountain that creates the soothing sound of running water? How about a peaceful pond where you can have fish and other creatures and plants? There are several types or water features and fountains to choose from, so let's take a look at these types.Containers:  A container water garden is a good choice for those who have a limited space to work with. The requirements for a container garden include a sunny place on your patio or deck, some lovely aquatic plants and a suitable container. Containers range from bowls that hold several gallons to large barrels and tubs. Container water gardens have the advantages of being easy to build, and easy to take care of.

Raised ponds: Raised ponds are man made ponds that are also easy to build but require some masonry skills because the ponds are built with concrete blocks or bricks. These ponds are suitable for fish because the temperature of the water is more stable than a container water garden. These ponds are well suited for formal gardens and are safe around children as well as the workability for maintenance and cleaning. These ponds can be partially or fully raised.

Sunken Ponds: A Sunken pond is another man made pond which requires a lot of digging as well as the placement of a flexible or preformed liner once the hole is created. Patio stone can also be placed around it to add to the decor. These ponds are also well suited to fish and aquatic plants.

Bog: A Bog is an irregular shaped hole in the ground that was dug out. It is built by digging out some ground and laying a flexible liner with sand, plants and rocks holding it down. This feature is appropriate for wildlife such as dragonflies, frogs and others. Natural bogs can be made without a liner and very little water, used to manage and filter rainwater runoff which is an important environmental feature.

If you enjoy the sound of running water, you can also add that to your water garden in several ways.You can add small waterfall that runs directly into your pond. Or you can add a cascading feature with a series of waterfalls that run down over rocks into small pools before trickling into a main pond. Or you can have a fountain that throws the water into the air from a pump that is located under the surface or is embedded inside a statue. This statue is usually located in the fountain's center.

And for that special touch, you will want to add such features as garden bridges, statuary, stepping stones, and other accents, that will provide just the right decor for your tastes.So start planning your backyard water feature, and soon you'll have your own special oasis in your own backyard.

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