The studio devs over FIFA are by far the most qualified throughout

In an perfect world perhaps, uncertainty EA would care. They have their market of whales who spend thousands every year and casuals who purchase it just because. I would not be Mut 21 coins surprised if in the following years we receive a"free" version of FUT with extreme P2W components, sort of like the one which PES releases every year. The PES comment is utter shite though. Everyone was saying pes will take over every season and it does not. You are posting on a fifa subreddit, not a pes. This proving that fifa is not moving anyplace.
I expect them to push for more licenses, they will have a complete year until PES 22 comes out to do it. I never believed PES was carrying over in the years earlier as they maintained using the identical engine but today with unreal engine and EA being even increasingly disappointing each year there's a really good possibility it happens. Also the fact im post here doesn't prove anything, I havent played this game for weeks until a couple of days back and from what I read here it feels like 50 percent doesnt even play fifa tbh. PES has its share of problems too, especially this year, however this is the 1 complaint I always see from FIFA players that makes no sense. Say you dont need PES because of gameplay problems, since it doesnt possess League 1 and 2, because it doesnt have as many teams, whatever, all untrue reasons - but the licencing that is a poor excuse. There are patches for PC and PS4 which take literally 10 minutes to install, and you have every team title, and kits that often look better than the licenced ones.
Everyone points out the licensing yet almost everyone is playing with their own custom made club FUT where licensing does not matter. I get that problem for CM players but still you could download some community data packs and call it a day. Maybe now they're giving the real review rating. It's gonna be the exact same old song and dancing like it today has been for five years. The first release will feel great then by Christmas the match gets patched into sweaty nonsense. Bro FIFA hasn't addressed the exact same formation glitches in like two installations of the game, and we JUST got a card organization method worth anything. Been playing FIFA since my Sega Genesis. This is my first time I am opting out.
Throwaway because I used to work at EA. The studio devs over FIFA are by far the most qualified throughout the company. There's never anything wrong with the game and they understand they are the money cow. I've never played MUT but I've got the game through Origin Access decided to give it a go. Launch the free packs I obtained was this kind of chore which I gave up. To start a bunch you have to open a bunch that contains the pack, that's your package within another package and nothing else with it. You have to open two packs to open a bunch, it is insane. The RB/LB to move between challenges, play a match, shop etc evaporate at the time you're permitted to use them and look when you can not. Menus have loading displays and for buy mut coins madden 21 some reason sometimes once you move between them they save your profile, no shit.
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