Commonly Used Fallacies in Argumentative Essay Writing

When it comes to arguments, there should be sound reasoning behind what one says. This is necessary to justify the words and the argument that has been put forth. Same is the case with argumentative essays in paper writing service. If you decide to structure the essay in such a way that you support a particular cause, then there should be sound reasoning behind it. The fallacy is basically an argument that has merit but is presented illogically. Some of the fallacies we tend to see in our argumentative essays are:



Emotional appeal: This happens when you present an argument and try to justify it by appealing to the emotions of others. Supporting medical research because it would bring positive change in people's lives without any clarification in book report, is the perfect example. It appeals to the emotions of people by showing them the importance of research in helping humanity.
Ignorance: This is another of the major ways fallacies are incorporated. If an idea is never proven to be wrong, then it must be right. Consider the example of medication. If there are no reported cases that the medicine has affected anyone adversely, then there are no potential harmful effects in descriptive essay.
Personal attack: This is done when making a justification feel strong by attacking the other justification. When the other justification is made to appear false and irrelevant, then your justification would automatically be given importance over the other. Consider the example of research performed by two authors. Personal disliking may lead to attacking one individual while justifying the other.
Appealing to authority: If an argument is backed by someone then the argument must be true. There might be no proper justification behind the argument of write my paper. If a famous author in a particular field negates another author's work without justification, then it would be considered true among all others' works.
Mass support: If any argument is supported by the crowd, then it definitely must be true. You would think that there is no need for a personal opinion eg in the case of movies, if the majority of the people liked the movie, then it must be good. This completely ignores the fact that the movie may not be your own personal preference.
The false alternative: You may see such an argument many times where all other options are ignored and only two options remain. There is only a choice between the remaining options and all else is negated. Such arguments can be seen many a time when two people of authority talk and say that you are either with us or against us for speech topics.
Red herring: The name is pretty strange since red herring is a smelly fish. It is a type of fallacy where people tend to change the topic by incorporating other subjects, taking the concentration away from the main topic. For example, this might be used when you are trying to explain to the teacher why you haven't done your assignment.

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Mentioned above are some of the major fallacies that argumentative essays include. There are many more but highlighting the important ones helps you keep a lookout for them when studying particular research.


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