What are the latest trends in EV charging technology

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity worldwide. The widespread adoption of EVs has resulted in the development of EV charging infrastructure. EV charging technology is now evolving to become more convenient. As people turn to electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint, charging technology should evolve to keep pace with the growing interest in EVs. A robust EV charging infrastructure is pivotal for the advancement of electric vehicles. Residential EV charging solutions and commercial charging solutions are growing at a rapid pace in the last few years. Let's understand the latest technologies in EV charging technology.


New trends in EV charging


New charging technologies are emerging to make EV charging more affordable and convenient. Here is a look into some of the latest trends shaping the EV charging landscape.


Plug and charge


This technology allows EV drivers to plug in and charge their vehicles without a separate authentication process. The technology may take some time to become mainstream but reputed automakers have already adopted this charging standard. You may have to contact EV ac charger contractors to know whether their chargers are compatible with this standard.


Smart EV charging


Smart EV charging elevates the charging experience for EV drivers. Charging sessions can be managed through software that keeps track of charging history, money paid, EV details and more. Charging slots can be booked in advance to avoid waiting time. Smart charging will gain widespread popularity this year with many charging service providers competing to offer an enhanced experience to customers. Contact EV dc charger contractors to install smart charging on your premises. 


Vehicle to Grid


This technology allows EV drivers to send excess energy stored in the battery back to the grid. This is an efficient way to manage charging for users. During periods of high demand, the grid can use excess energy in the battery to supply power. On the other hand, vehicles can draw power from the grid during low demand and also use excess electricity during peak hours. The vehicle and grid can be managed efficiently with this technology and power is utilized optimally. 


Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)


OCPP facilitates efficient charging with low latency and low cost of installation. The important advantages of this technology are that it enables faster charging, more data sharing, and lower power requirements for EV charging stations. The charging stations using this technology require low maintenance. 

This was just an overview of some of the important trends. EV charging will witness more interesting trends in the future. Installing EV charging stations for your business would be a great step to ensure you attract more customers. The future of EVs looks promising and installing EV charging stations is the need of the hour to support the adoption of EVs. Businesses can install a combination of AC and DC chargers to cater to customers efficiently. Charging facilities will motivate customers to stop by your business for a quick recharge, increasing visibility for your business and maximising revenue.

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