ushi chain limits conveyor belt use to orders after licking scandal

ushi chain limits conveyor belt use to orders after licking scandal

The operator of the major sushi restaurant chain Sushiro has said it will temporarily limit the use of conveyor belts to specifically ordered food after a customer was found to have misused and licked unused cups and sushi.Get more news about sushi tray,you can vist our website!

Akindo Sushiro Co. said in a press release Friday that customers will be asked to order food on a touch screen panel instead of taking ready-made food served on plates that travel on conveyor belts past numerous diners.

The move comes after videos of unhygienic behavior by customers at various restaurants racked up millions of views online, leading Akindo Sushiro to file a complaint against a customer earlier this week.

Sushi train restaurants have long been an iconic part of Japan’s food culture. Now, videos of people licking shared soy sauce bottles and messing with plates of food on conveyor belts are prompting critics to question their prospects in a Covid-conscious world.

Last week, a video taken at Sushiro, a popular sushi chain, went viral, showing a male customer licking his fingers and touching food as it came down the rotating belt. The man is also seen licking a condiment bottle and a cup that he places back onto a communal pile.

The prank has set off a deluge of criticism in Japan, where such acts are becoming more common and being called “#sushitero,” or “#sushiterrorism,” online.

The trend has rattled investors. Shares in Sushiro’s owner, Food & Life Companies Co Ltd, fell 4.8% last Tuesday, as the video circulated.

The company is taking the incident seriously. In a statement last Wednesday, Food & Life Companies said it had filed a police report against the customer, alleging damages. The firm also said it had received an apology from him, and that it had instructed restaurant staff to provide specially disinfected utensils or condiment containers to any customers who felt uneasy.

Sushiro is not the only company dealing with the problem. Two other leading conveyor belt sushi chains, Kura Sushi and Hamazushi, told CNN that they had experienced similar disruptions.

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