Facilities for Disabled in Umrah

Every Muslim aspires to do Umrah at least once throughout his or her lifetime. However, there are certain people in our society who are unable to complete the Umrah because they lack the necessary funds. And some of them have physical or mental issues .Umrah is voluntary because it is Sunnah, while Hajj is required for those Muslims who are physically, psychologically, and financially capable of performing it. The best purpose of Umrah for Muslims is the complete removal of sin, reduction of poverty, and achievement of Paradise. By choosing the best Umrah packages, Muslims from different parts of the world enjoy performing this holy act. Anyone who wishes to do the Umrah despite having a physical or medical condition can realize their desire by making the necessary preparations.
Persons with disabilities have two choices:
If a person is financially competent to conduct Umrah but is unable to do so because of physical limitations, they have two options.
• Select such a person:
Select a person who will perform Umrah on his behalf.
• The second alternative is to use a travel agency to do Umrah:
The second choice is you should contact an agent that will be in charge of the entire trip. The agency will provide cheap Umrah packages for the disabled so they may simply and trouble-free conduct Umrah.
Facilities for Disabled in Umrah:
Today, there are many places where you can get useful information. One of these places is your travel agency, which coordinates the entire Umrah journey and is the finest source of guidance and Umrah advice. Which services are being placed at the airport, hotels, and Grand Mosque may be inquired about from the agency.
The following are the accessible facilities in Umrah:
Airport accessibility features for the disabled:
Travel agencies provide accommodations for people with disabilities at every stage. There are several facilities for the disabled at the airport. The Hajj and Umrah have never been easier or more comfortable for handicapped individuals to do in this day and age of comfort. The Jeddah and Madina airports are where the Hajj and Umrah aircraft land, and there are various types of accommodations provided for the disabled pilgrims, including wheelchairs and escalators. All of these services are provided without charge to people with disabilities, but your travel agent must inform the airport administration of your needs and requirements.
Wheelchairs and electronic cart:
You should reserve a hotel that is close to the Al-Haram Mosque so that you can easily transport your disabled pilgrim to the mosque. A flexible, folding wheelchair is allowed in your luggage. In the Al-Haram Mosque, you may rent an automatic wheelchair or hire someone to push your wheelchair if you're disabled and wish to conduct Umrah on your own. These services have been useful during Tawaf and Saee. An electronic cart, although it is accessible from Safa and Marwa's upper levels.
Ramps and escalators:
For the handicapped, there are additional ramps and escalators. There is no need to be concerned at all because the holy mosque in Makkah is fully accessible. Wheelchairs may easily go from one level to another at the Grand Mosque because of its escalators and ramps.
Private arrangements for transportation:
Because buses are not designed to accommodate wheelchairs, pilgrims with disabilities must make sure that their travel agency has made arrangements with private transportation or taxi companies. To appropriately handle the handicapped customers in Makkah and Madina, they must establish facilities for them. Making the necessary preparations in advance will allow you to accomplish your religious obligation with complete passion and focus.
Hotels in Makkah and Madina are accessible to those with disabilities:
Most hotels in Makkah and Madina include wheelchairs and lifts for the benefit of the disabled. Some hotels are also able to provide rooms with bathrooms that are expressly made for those with special needs, such as disabled pilgrims. If you want to travel around the hotel conveniently, you may also ask for a room on the ground level.
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