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YKK AP Indonesia manufactures and sells not only aluminum building materials for construction but also aluminum profiles used for a wide variety of purposes.Get more news about C Profile Aluminium,you can vist our website!
Based on the technologies such as mold design, aluminum extrusion, surface treatment, and processing cultivated in building materials, we will propose the realization of aluminum materials in the shape that customers can imagine.We support the production of various products with the expertise, high production capacity, and technological capabilities that YKK AP Indonesia has cultivated in building materials for construction.

We have achieved high production capacity and can deliver high quality products through our integrated production system that melts and casts the raw material aluminum ingot, extrudes the profile, and even surface treatments in-house.

Heat the billet to about 500°C and set it in the extruder. By pressing it against the mold with high pressure, an aluminum profile with a length of about 50 to 70 m is extruded. Depending on the design of the mold, it is possible to make various shapes such as hollow materials and complicated cross-sectional shapes.
We provide aluminum generic extruded profiles and materials (generic profiles and generic types).
Since it is made to order, we will ask for a minimum lot and some delivery time, but please feel free to contact us if you are using more profiles than usual or if you are considering using extruded aluminum profiles for the first time.
Generic profiles are extruded aluminum profiles that are versatile, such as squares and circles. We have many types and sizes of molds.
Please feel free to contact us as we will propose it in response to your inquiry.

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